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Flowers in Season: June's Finest

Flowers For All Seasons

What flowers are blooming this month? Check out our list, so you’ll know what to pick up on your next visit to us.

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The Secret to Long-Lasting Cut Flowers

All About Flowers

Flowers can work wonders. They not only beautify and brighten up a space in no time, but they can also make us feel good about ourselves in a snap. It’s no surprise that – whether it’s a bouquet of heart-melting peonies from a new romance, or a bunch of hydrangeas we bought ourselves to satisfy our shabby chic pleasures – we want them to stay as fresh as the day we got them forever, just the same. Well, making cut flowers last forever may be one tall order, but extending their lifespan to one or two weeks (instead of just...

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Flowers in Season: Make Way for May

Flowers For All Seasons

  May is a splendid time to be in the City of Angels. It’s definitely a great time to be out and about – either dining al fresco with friends, having a ball at countless festivals, catching outdoor film events, you name it. This month, which gets the best of both seasons – springtime and summer – is also when the loveliest flowers are in full bloom. These include:     Tulips Peonies Calla Iris Lily of the Valley Delphimium Freesia Gerbera Hyacinth Lilium Casablanca Lilium Stargazer Cymbidium   Orchid Polymin (Mini Cymbidium) Roses Snap Dragon Stock Sunflowers Want the freshest flowers...

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3 Inspiring Gifts Ideas for Every Kind of Woman

Special Gift Ideas

The women in our life come in all kinds of packages. There’s the domestic goddess, the career chic, the dragon lady, the drama queen, the budget-conscious babe, and the list goes on and on. Whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, your boss, a colleague, or a long-time friend, be in the know on how to make their day and what to give them on any given occasion. Check out these fabulous gift ideas from Orchid Republic:   1. Fresh Flowers The saying love at first sight is actually true in the case of fresh flowers. One...

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