Top Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Flowers Online 

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Flowers Online 

Have you had enough of buying flowers online because deliveries always end up late or not meeting your expectations? Here are some common mistakes that could be sabotaging your flower shopping experience.

Incomplete or Incorrect Delivery Information 

Unfortunately, this is a common error that many customers make. When this happens, flower delivery drivers may show up at the wrong house, contact the boutique or the customer to double-check order information, and proceed with the flower delivery, resulting in delays or failure to deliver that could have definitely been avoided. 

Typical errors include: 

  • Misspelled addresses
  • Missing unit or house number
  • Incorrect street name or postal code
  • Incorrect recipient name
  • Recipient has moved

That’s why it’s always best to triple check all essential information before completing purchases online. Nevertheless, if you’ve already hit the buy button but want to add or correct delivery details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you. 

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Not Making the Cutoff for Same-Day Flower Delivery 

Most customers will expect same-day flower delivery. However, florists have a specific cutoff time for daily orders to be delivered within the day. Therefore, if you’re hoping to get your hand bouquets delivered at a particular time, it’s best to call your florist immediately to know their delivery cutoff and schedule and see what they can do regarding your request. 

Forgetting to Include a Message or Note Card

Note cards are a must because they’ll give the recipient an idea about who the flower bouquets are for, who the sender is, and why they’re getting them. Unless you want to send a hand bouquet anonymously, the note card gives the recipient a chance to acknowledge graciously, and who knows, maybe return the gesture with thank you flowers or gifts. The thoughtful flowers will also be made sweeter with heartfelt greetings tagged with their colorful birthday flowers or expressing condolences in case of sympathy flower arrangements

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