What Is National First Love Day and How to Celebrate It 

What Is National First Love Day and How to Celebrate It 


National First Love Day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to reminiscing about your first love. So whether you’re lucky enough to still be in the arms of the same person who first swept you off your feet or you’ve experienced it once in your life, but they got away, and now you’re happily single, this lovely day should definitely be on your list. 

Ideas to Celebrate National First Love Day

  • Recreate your first date - Play dress up wearing the same outfits you wore, go to the very same restaurant, and take a trip down memory lane.

  • Visit the spot where you first met - Was it love at first sight or a slowly but surely realization that what you have is something for keeps? Did you meet in school, at work, or bumped into each other at a coffee shop or bookstore? 

  • Surprise your partner with flowers - Mark the occasion with a stunning hand bouquet or a romantic floral arrangement with the sweetest note card telling them how much you love them.
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  • Take a romantic fall getaway - Have you always wanted to go on a trip together but never had a chance because you’re swamped with work and life keeps getting in the way? Well, maybe today is the day!

  • Do little acts of kindness - Prepare a special dinner at home, book a cleaning service, take the laundry to the dry cleaners, and serve breakfast in bed. Sometimes it’s not always the grand gestures; it’s the little things that matter. Make life sweeter and remind your partner why you fell in love with each other. 

What to Do If You’re Single?

Single on National First Love Day? You still deserve to celebrate! Self-love should always be our priority because, remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. So treat yourself to some self-care flowers, take yourself out on a date, go to the beach to unwind, and remind yourself that your life is beautiful. 


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