September Birth Flowers: Asters and Morning Glory

September Birth Flowers: Asters and Morning Glory

Getting birthday flowers for friends, family, or colleagues celebrating this September? Make it more meaningful by including florals that represent birth month. Check out this blog to find out everything you need about this September’s beautiful birth flowers. 

What Are the Birth Flowers for September?

Asters are endearing flowers that resemble daisies but with slimmer petals. They bloom in early summer to late autumn season. In the language of flowers, they symbolize beauty, patience, and charm. If you have dogs or cats, you'll be glad to know that asters are one of the most pet-friendly flowers you can get.

This drought-resistant flower follows traditional flower meanings according to color. For example:

  • Red asters express undying love and fervent passion
  • White asters symbolize honesty, sincerity, sympathy, and purity of intentions 
  • Pink asters represent delicate beauty, admiration, and affection
  • Purple asters stand for royalty and respect

In addition to asters, September-born Virgos and Libras also have morning glory as another option for their birth flower. These resilient flowering plants are symbols of strength, endurance, and perseverance. They are the perfect addition to birthday flower arrangement either in praise of grace under pressure for someone who has weathered through a lot in life or to send encouragement and inspiration.

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