How to Surprise Loved Ones with Flowers at the Airport 

How to Surprise Loved Ones with Flowers at the Airport 

Offering to pick up a loved one from the airport is thoughtful but showing up in LAX with a gorgeous flower bouquet in hand will surely make for an epic and unforgettable surprise. No wonder, it always happens in the movies. 

Who Deserves This Swoon-Worthy Gesture? 

Anyone you want to feel happy and extra-special. You can do it for your significant other, parents, sister, or a close friend who you haven’t seen for a long time.

Being greeted with beautiful blooms after a long and exhausting flight will definitely be appreciated and lift someone’s spirits. Fresh flowers are scientifically proven to instantly improve a recipient's mood, making them happy, less lonely, and grateful within minutes. That’s why it also makes sense to give them as a welcome gift to clear any animosity or awkwardness. 

For example, had a fight with your girlfriend after she left on a business trip? Welcome her back home with an irresistible bouquet. Nervous about meeting your partner’s parents? Show up with a lovely flower arrangement for their mom to make a positive impression.

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What Flowers Are Perfect for Airport Surprises?

We highly recommend opting for floral hand bouquets because they’re compact and easier to carry around, especially if you have to wait for the recipient’s arrival and there are flight delays. They also won’t get in the way when you hug and kiss and have to move with luggages in tow. More importantly, floral arrangements in a vase with water may not get past airport security. 

What Flower Colors Should I Choose?

Clueless about what type of flowers to get? Different flower colors and types have different meanings. 

  • Red roses or tulips to declare love and romance for your partner. 
  • Mixed florals in soft pastel colors for your mom and sister to express how much you miss them
  • Yellow sunflowers to make a long-time friend smile upon seeing you

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Although it’s the thought that counts, don’t disappoint by getting cheap flowers from the gas station or the grocery store. They’re usually several days old and may look miserable by the time you get to the airport. Set the bar high with breathtaking floral arrangements from a reputable local florist. 

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