How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Normally, cut flowers can last up to a week, although a few types -- such as orchids, zinnias, chrysanthemums, and carnations -- that can stretch their beauty up to three weeks.

But this is not set in stone all the time, as each flower is different and there are several factors that play a pivotal role in the vase life of your flowers, including:

  • The way the flowers were grown
  • The time they were in transit (from farm to florist to your doorstep)
  • The kinds of environment they were exposed to

At Orchid Republic, we guarantee that all flower arrangements are at their finest and freshest state when they get to you.

Flower Maintenance

The way you treat your flowers at home or in the office is crucial to how long they’re going to stay fresh and fab as well. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your Orchid Republic flower arrangements last longer.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Heat can be harsh to flowers. You can see petals dry and turn darker faster when exposed to high temperatures. Keep them away from heating appliances and fireplaces. It's all right to put them near windows, but make sure a sheer curtain can offer protection when the sun gets too hot at noon.

Replace Water in Your Flower Vase Every Day 

Lukewarm water is good for almost all types of flowers. However, bulb flowers – such as tulips, daffodils, calla lilies, and hyacinths – do better in cold water. Washing the vase with bleach can also help to thwart the potential growth of bad bugs.

Remove Dried Leaves and Flowers 

Pluck out wilted leaves or petals whenever you see one. Give stems a fresh angled cut preferably every day.

Add Florist Preservative

Basically containing fructose as its main ingredient, this solution acts as the main source of food for the plants, thwarting the potential growth of harmful bacteria and fungi, and effectively enabling the plants to suck in more nutrition by lowering the pH of the water.    

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