Is It OK to Send Flowers to A Jewish Funeral? 

Is It OK to Send Flowers to A Jewish Funeral? 

Sending sympathy flowers may be customary to express condolences for most cultures — except for our Jewish brothers and sisters. In this article, we talk about why gifting flowers is discouraged in this scenario and more respectful ways to comfort a Jewish friend or loved one during times of loss and mourning.

Why Are Sympathy Flowers Inapprororiate for Jews?

In Jewish tradition, beautiful floral arrangements symbolize happiness and celebration. In addition, they are also considered distractions that take away from the occasion's solemnity. Hence, sympathy hand bouquets duruing shiva, or the seven-day mourning period are not an option. 

How to Express Condolences in Jewish Tradition?

Buying flowers for your mourning friend is not the only way to sincerely send your sympathies. Here are some examples of how to do it without disrespecting them.

  • Shiva call - You may visit the grieving family at home according to their own terms. They will set a specific time and date for visitors; usually, even non-Jews can come. It is a solemn tradition that involves a lot of quiet time, listening to the bereaved family, and offering kind words and support. 
  • Shiva basket - Grieving families are sent “shiva gifts” in sympathy baskets filled with fruits, nuts, baked goodies, chocolates, or trays of hearty, home-cooked meals. In Jewish culture, the deceased’s family is expected to stay indoors and not leave the house. 
  • Donate to the family’s chosen charity - A common practice in Jewish funerals is donating to their synagogue or charitable cause in the family’s name.

Sympathy Flowers and Gift Delivery in Los Angeles 

Before shopping for sympathy flowers, always triple check if your grieving friend is of Jewish descent to avoiding coming off as offensive. While we usually have everything decked with stunning flowers, we can customize our gift boxes’ contents and appearance per customer request. 

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