Monthly Orchid Subscription

A collection of beautiful orchid arrangements and plants

Transform hotel lobbies, receptions, offices, or even your home by making signature Orchid Republic creations a permanent fixture in your interiors. Accentuate every corner of your space with our elegant orchid arrangements. Take your pick from our vast collection of diverse orchid species in a wide range of colors, prints, and floral design. We have Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Vanda, and other rare orchid varieties. Would you like a single-stemmed orchid arrangement for desks or an elaborate arrangement of orchid blooms cascading like a waterfall?

Our exquisite orchid blooms are best known for their timeless appeal and long lasting plant life. With their large and showy flowers, you can count on our orchids to bring out the natural beauty of your interiors. The splendor of our orchids will surely leave your guests, employees, or anyone who set eyes before them inspired and uplifted.

Package Inclusions

Package Inclusions

We highly recommend this unique orchid subscription service to both our residential and corporate clients. It’s perfect for restaurants, hotels, retail shops, clinics, and condominiums. It’s a smart and efficient strategy for building managers or anyone who is in charge of maintaining the visual aspect of your place of work or business.

Our monthly orchid subscription includes:

  • Scheduled monthly orchid delivery - The frequency and quantity can be customized

  • Installation of orchid arrangements, as requested by client

  • Complimentary refresh or replacement of drying or wilted orchid plants (no extra cost)

  • Regular maintenance every two weeks as part of the package

When you sign up for our orchid subscription, we will take care of everything for you — from monthly orchid delivery, plant maintenance, and orchid replacement — and leave you with ample time to focus on the more important side of things.

Now there’s no need to talk to a lot of vendors to coordinate things. No need to constantly make phone calls to order flowers. No more embarrassing moments of guests walking to unhappy, or worse, dead floral arrangements because you forgot to replace them. Our account manager will stay on top of everything and handle all your orchids and flower concerns.

For more information on our monthly orchid subscription, please email or call us at 818 210 0418.
A friendly member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.