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How to Make Your Orchids Last

Orchid Obsession Orchids in LA

   Orchid arrangements and orchid plants make wonderful gifts and elegant home decors too. Taking care and maintaining them is also fairly simple, a perfect fit for the busy bees. If you received an orchid plant as a gift or ordered one for yourself through our site, follow these basic easy-care tips to ensure it gets a long and healthy life: 1. Do not water your orchids every day. As a rule of thumb, water a 4-inch pot every 4 to 6 days and a 6-inch pot every 7 to 10 days.2. Mind the water and room temperature. Watering with very...

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In Season: 5 Most Popular Flowers for Summer


Check out our list of the most colorful summer flowers this July. Spread the cheer by adding these summer flowers into your next flower arrangements.

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3 Ways to Reincarnate Those Dainty but Dying Flowers


Here are some tips on how to reincarnate dying flowers like framing them as an artwork or, sending them along with letters and greeting cards.

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June Bride: How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers For All Seasons

We believe that wedding flowers are the greatest accessory in a wedding, so here are some tips to get the proper mood and feel of your special event

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Flowers in Season: June's Finest

Flowers For All Seasons

What flowers are blooming this month? Check out our list, so you’ll know what to pick up on your next visit to us.

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