The Worst Christmas Gifts You Should Never Give

The Worst Christmas Gifts You Should Never Give

Christmas gifts are one of the biggest highlights of the holiday season. Beyond being a kind gesture, presents represent how much you know loved ones. It becomes extra tricky when receiving gifts is one of their love languages, meaning they feel loved in the form of tangible items. If you’re still searching for something nice for different people in your life, then perhaps it’s better to start with the worst Christmas gifts you should absolutely cross out from your list. 

Anything Obviously Regifted

Shame on you if you even thought of this. Regifting is a big no-no because you risk hurting the original giver and the recipient if you’re discovered. Wrapping something originally given to you and passing it off as a present for someone could come across as deceitful, lazy, and thoughtless. In some instances, regifting may sound logical if you’re trying to live a more sustainable and practical lifestyle — but Christmas and other special occasions should always be an exception. In addition, you have to make sure that the gift is not something personalized or the giver took a great effort to get just for you.

Any Kind of Pet

First of all, getting a pet should be a conscious long-term commitment. If they never hinted or you are not that close to the person enough to know that they’ve always wanted to have one, never, ever consider gifting them a pet for Christmas. It’s not only unfair to the recipient to be put on the spot with a big responsibility they never asked for but also think about the welfare of the pet —whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, fish, or lizard  — if they end up not getting the love, care, and attention they deserve.


They’re called unmentionables for a reason! If you’re giving it to your significant other, sure, sexy lingerie for Christmas sounds romantic. On the contrary, giving away underwear for anybody else on your list is just plain weird or even creepy. 

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