DIY Christmas Wreath Making Tips Using Fresh Flowers and Leaves

DIY Christmas Wreath Making Tips Using Fresh Flowers and Leaves

It seems that the theme this season is fresh and floral, with many people chucking their plastic decorations and going for natural alternatives. For instance, real Christmas trees adorned with fresh flowers is a big hit these days and we see Pinterest teeming with drool-worthy snaps of evergreen Christmas wreaths, too.

But why?

Perhaps it’s because they are…

  • Eco-friendly – Plastic doesn’t degrade.
  • Better for your mind and body – Plastic is loaded with bisphenol A or BPA, a harmful carcinogen we should all avoid like the plague, by the way. Also, we know that just the mere presence of plants and flower arrangements near you give emotional and health benefits.
  • Pocket-friendly if you have your own flower garden to forage.
  • Make your home smell super nice with their sweet scents

When it comes to design, premiere UK floral designer, Shane Connoly, says that this Christmas, the goal is to go for a very earthy, organic look focusing on an abundance of beautiful foliage, twigs, succulents and natural elements.

Do you want to give your inner Martha Stewart a go and do a DIY Christmas wreath project using fresh and natural ornaments a try? Follow these tips and steps.


The backbone of your wreath, your frame should be a perfect circle (unless, of course, you’d like to deviate from the norm and create a different design). Wire wreath ring frames and ring-shaped floral foams, such as Oasis, are usually available in most supply shops or online stores.

Cutting on cost? Make your own wreath ring using an old coat hanger and a pair of pliers.

Foam vs. Moss

It’s best to get a floral foam ring that’s 12-inch thick. It won’t budge even if your arrangement gets heavier and more complicated. Prep your foam by soaking its base in clean, cool water. The moisture from it will help the flowers and leaves in your Christmas last longer.

However, if you can’t find a floral foam ring, another option is to cover your wire wreath ring frame with moss, the kind florists use for ground cover. The moss will serve as a durable base for your DIY Christmas wreath.

To do this, you’re going to need a lot of moss and use a thin, reel wire to support it and keep it securely in place. Make sure your moss is packed thickly around your wire wreath ring frame. Cut out loose ends to achieve a clean circle. Similar to floral foam, the moss needs to be wet with water.


Basically, you can go crazy with all kinds of leaves you can forage in your garden. Nevertheless, expert florist, Eden Hassel suggests opting for hardy leaves over soft-tipped ones. Holly, eucalyptus, scabiosa, protea leaves, and poppy heads are some of her top choices, which says she has used with great success. Fresh rosemary and pine are also popular picks for DIY wreaths.

Trim the stems of the leaves and insert one by one on the floral foam, covering the entire circle. If you’re using the moss, secure the stems around the wreath using wire. All foliage varieties should be evenly distributed throughout the wreath, leaving no gap or visible floral foam/moss.


Accentuate your Christmas wreath with fresh flowers and whatnots. Again, if you are blessed with a thriving flower garden, you can use whatever variety is at your disposal. But a fresh bunch to the flower market isn’t a bad idea, too.

Use roses, peonies, hydrangeas, protea, lavender, ranunculus – the options are endless. If you’re shelling out cash for the flowers, it’s always practical to get ones that are in season, because they can be cheaper. Scatter the flowers stylishly around the wreath or arrange them together on one side as a focal point.

Finishing Touches

Remember, a handsome, pro-looking Christmas wreath should have volume and texture, not flat. Adding berries, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, succulents, or twigs can buff it up and achieve that wild, overgrown, organic appeal we’re going for.

Check that nothing falls to the ground or slips out of place when you lift or hang your DIY Christmas wreath. Work on it – gluing or wiring up loose ends – until everything is nice and proper.

Hang on your front door or walls and impress guests as you please.

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