The Ultimate Guide to New Year Flowers for Happiness and Prosperity

The Ultimate Guide to New Year Flowers for Happiness and Prosperity

 Welcome a brand new year with a beautiful flower arrangement. Check out this blog to get the pro tips from our best florists in Los Angeles.

Why Have Fresh Flowers for New Year? 

  • They’re feng shui-approved to attract positive energy.
  • They make gorgeous decorations to elevate your interiors.
  • Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, like flowers, can help you manifest bigger and brighter blessings to come this year.
  • They’re scientifically proven to promote happiness, contentment, and gratefulness.
  • Having flowers fosters a wholesome atmosphere that encourages people to be more sociable.
  • Sending flower arrangements is one of the best ways to greet friends, family, and even clients with a happy New Year, establishing relationships for the year ahead. 

The Best New Year Flowers for Wealth and Abundance 


Enchanted Orchid Garden, $305

Orchid arrangements are generally considered good luck in different cultures worldwide. It’s one of the many reasons they are popularly given as wedding or birthday gifts in countries like China. They make impressive New Year gifts that can blossom more than once and last a long time. Beautiful orchid arrangements at home bring in a pleasant energy that can make channeling a positive mindset effortless. 

  • Yellow Orchids – for friendship and well wishes
  • Green Orchids – for good health, long life, strength, longevity, and prosperity
  • Pink Orchids – for love, fertility, happiness
  • Purple Orchids – for wealth and fame
  • White Orchids – for elegance, serenity, and pure happiness
  • Orange Orchids – for courage and joy 
  • Blue orchids – for surprising good things to happen


The Perfect Peonies, $295

Like orchids, stunning peonies come with beautiful flower meanings. In the language of flowers, gifting peony bouquets mean wishing them all the wonderful things they desire — good fortune, fertility, love, and success.


Emerald Goddess, $195

Sending roses arrangement to someone or having them at home exudes healing energy that puts anyone in a healthy emotional state. Placing a vase of red roses on your bedside table attracts passion and romance in feng shui. On the other hand, yellow roses are for strengthening family and friendship, while green roses are thought to bring renewal, new beginnings, and prosperity since they’re the same color as money.

Beautiful New Year Flowers For Delivery Los Angeles

Orchid Republic is a local floral boutique with different locations in Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, and Orange County. We specialize in gorgeous orchids and flower designs in classic and contemporary designs, perfect for memorable celebrations.

Our exquisite signature arrangements make fabulous centerpieces and fitting gifts to usher in a brand New Year. Feeling extra-generous? We also have charming gift items and luxurious gift boxes that can be personalized per request for a reasonable fee.

Ring in the New Year with our signature floral creations. Shop flowers online today.


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