Manifesting with Flowers

Manifesting with Flowers
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

Check out this informative guide to learn everything you need to know about manifestation and how to have your life bloom ever beautifully this year with the help of breathtaking flowers

What Is Manifesting? 

Manifestation is making something happen or bringing something into your life by intentionally thinking, speaking, or visualizing it into existence. It’s an aspirational thought practice that has recently gone viral on social media platforms, including Tiktok, with the hashtag #manifestation raking up over 23 billion views. Despite its newfound fame, this concept has influences rooted in ancient Hinduism, Buddhism, the 19th-century New Thought spiritual movement, and the 2016 book and documentary, The Secret.

How Does Manifestation Work? 

Essentially, manifesting is the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, and fake it ‘til you make it, rolled into one. Does manifesting work? Honestly, it does make a lot of sense. Its strength and core values in optimism and visualized goal setting, which studies suggest help individuals cope and deal with stress and anxiety, making them more focused on working on what they want to achieve. 

So, how do you manifest? Here are some tips from Oprah to get you started. 

  • Meditate and think deeply about your goals and intentions, what you want in life, where you want to be, or how you want this year to play out.
  • Ask for what you want by talking about them loudly, creating a vision board, or writing them down in your journal or a piece of paper. 
  • Start making them happen by creating a strategy, breaking them down into actionable steps, and being mindful that everything you do should be aligned and designed to achieve your intentions.
  • Acknowledge, appreciate, and be thankful for what you received, even little progress that can eventually pave the way.
  • Let go of negativity and limiting thoughts, which also means refraining from interacting with naysayers. 
  • Protect your inner peace and positive energy. Remember, the energy you put out is what you also attract. Choose happiness and kindness at all times. For example, if you received a rejection, order a pretty sunflower arrangement for same-day flower delivery to perk you up and pick up your spirits before it puts you in a slump.
  • Be patient, trust the process, and open your eyes when doors open to other exciting possibilities.

How to Manifest Using Flowers 

Manifesting Love 

  • Always have a bouquet of passionately red roses, iconic symbols of all things romance, on your bedside table to attract a romantic partner. 
  • Want to manifest a proposal? Wear beautiful rings and send yourself stunning flower arrangements in blush pink. This one works in many ways — as an act of self-love, planting a seed in your partner’s mind, and acting as if the universe has already made it happen.
  • Looking to rekindle a relationship that has seemed to hit a plateau? Send your significant other a surprise flower delivery with a cheeky note that will make them giggle. More than manifesting, sending flowers to someone just because is a concrete step to strengthening relationships you want to keep. 

Manifesting Happiness 

Surround yourself with beautiful fresh floral arrangements in happy colors and send flower delivery gifts to friends, family, and clients to mend and improve your relationship with them or simply to spread optimism and positivity. According to the Rutger study, recipients of flower bouquets reportedly feel emotionally lighter, less stressed, and more grateful.

Manifesting Success 

Are you asking the universe for your dream job or long-awaited promotion? Orchids are known for being symbols of status, wealth, and opulence. It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or in a small cubicle in the office, attract that big boss energy. 

The beautiful thing about orchid plants is that…

  • They can also attract love, happiness, and health with different flower colors. 
  • Their blooms last a long time, and they’re very low maintenance. 
  • They’re feng-shui approved. 
  • They are effortlessly elegant and can fit in any interior style.
  • They’re allergy friendly and pet-friendly flowers, so no worries if you display them in the office near a co-worker or on your work desk at home where you live with loved ones or furry pets. 

Manifesting Good Health 

Aside from lowering risks of stress, anxiety, and depression, flowers and plants are said to be super greens with indoor air purifying qualities that strengthen the immune system by eliminating harmful toxins from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Notably, it would be best if you had a holistic strategy to enhance your overall health and well-being. Go on an annual medical check-up, eat a nutritious diet, and pursue a more active lifestyle. In addition, have one or two (or more) of these plants to remind you to stay on track.

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