Why Sending Flowers Just Because Is the Sweetest

Why Sending Flowers Just Because Is the Sweetest

Sending flowers is one of the best gifts you can get someone to mark any special occasion, whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or to say congratulations for their new baby or a well-deserved promotion. Nevertheless, surprising someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers just because hits differently. Here’s why.

Why Just Because Flowers Are the Best

  • Beyond the element of surprise, just because flowers make recipients feel extra-special to be worthy of receiving such kindness even when there’s no occasion. 
  • It makes ordinary days extraordinary, which is necessary every now and then, especially for couples who want to shake things up with spontaneous romantic gestures.
  • Just because flowers are the perfect pick-me-up presents guaranteed to bring a smile to any recipient’s face. According to a study by Rutger’s University, most people who receive fresh flowers respond with the Duchenne smile—a heartfelt “true smile” involving the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. It’s a unique across-the-board positive response that they didn’t see in the candle or the fruit basket gifts.
  • They make a super awesome self-care gift. Who deserves more beautiful things for no particular reason than yourself? Getting yourself just because flowers whenever you feel like it feels absolutely empowering. It means you’re a strong, independent woman who can do anything. Like our girl Ari says, “I want it, I got it.”

When to Send Just Because Bouquets

The beauty of just because flower arrangements is that you don’t need a reason, occasion, or excuse to send them to anyone. But here are some of the sweetest things we have heard from our lovely customers here at Orchid Republic.

  • Just because they look so stunning today.
  • Just because it’s a Friday (or any day of the week).
  • Just because you feel like it.
  • Just because their favorite tulips (or any other type of flowers) are in bloom.
  • Just because you’re missing them a little bit more today.
  • Just because they called and sounded upset about something at work and thought they could use some flowers to brighten their day.
  • Just because you want to let them know they are loved and valued for all that they are and all that they do.
  • Just because the weather outside looks so gray, and you want to add a splash of color.
  • Just because you thought they look cute and should go out to have coffee with you sometime — a sleek move if you finally want to ask a long-time crush on a date.

Just Because Flowers for Same-Day Delivery in Los Angeles  

It’s incredible how sending flowers to loved ones or getting one for yourself can make a world of difference to how your day’s going or feeling about life. Just because flowers are a random act of kindness we should definitely do more.

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