Do's and Don'ts for Sending Someone a Flower Delivery at Work

Do's and Don'ts for Sending Someone a Flower Delivery at Work

Sending flowers is one of the many special ways to make someone truly feel seen and loved. However, if you’re planning to send anyone a surprise flower delivery in the office, you might want to check out this do’s and don’ts blog first. 

As you know, some people hate surprises. But unfortunately, some who don't fancy being the center of attention or fielding questions from coworkers  about their romantic relationships. And while you may have the best intentions for sending flowers to someone, the biggest consideration would be how the recipient would feel about it. 

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know before sending flowers to someone in their workplace. From flower meanings, the perfect occasions to send them, notes on delivery times, and tips to impress and not embarrass the recipient in front of their workmates.

When to Send Flowers? 

If you ask us, any time is a good time to send flowers. But if you need specific reasons, we’ve come prepared for that as well. Here are some of the top occasions when sending loved ones a beautiful flower arrangement makes perfect sense, plus our recommendations on what flowers to choose.


Amethyst Paradise, $250

Birthday flowers are one of the sweetest presents you can give someone on their special day. Send a charming hand bouquet or a swoon-worthy gift box filled with wine, chocolates, or their favorite beauty and bath essentials. If it’s for your wife or significant other, go all out with love using pink or red tulips, peonies, and roses. For friends, family, and other non-romantic interests, you’re better off with sunflowers or a mixed flower arrangement in bright and happy colors.


Lady in Red, $209

Couple or wedding anniversary definitely calls for heart-melting flowers to keep the fire burning. Red roses are the go-to flowers for expressing love. Nevertheless, grand displays of affection, no matter how sweet, can make some people uncomfortable, especially if it’s happening where they keep everything very professional. So, double-check with your partner first if they’re okay with this or prefer sending the flower delivery addressed to their home.


City of Angels Orchids, $305

Share their happiness and celebrate important work milestones with a congratulations flower arrangement. Send an elegant orchid arrangement to spruce up their new office. It’s the perfect balance between chic and corporate.

Just Because 

Bubblegum Bliss, $235

Any time you miss them, say, maybe after a long work trip either of you had, asking for their forgiveness with sweet “I’m sorry” flowers, or just because you thought flowers would cheer them up are all valid reasons to send flowers to someone special. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to gauge your partner’s personality and how your relationship is going first before doing any of these. Different people have different love languages. Make sure you’re not making them uncomfortable or smothered with all the attention.

Keep It Wholesome 

Don’t forget the notecard when sending a flower delivery to let the recipient know it’s from you and why you’re sending them. Keep it sweet and meaningful and, obviously, safe for work! Don’t risk your partner’s privacy with NSFW gifts, such as edible underwear, or even suggestive messages that may be read by someone else.

Be Considerate of Other People in the Office 

Hollywood Babe, $255

If you’re addressing the flower delivery to the office, think about the recipient’s co-workers, too, especially if they do not have their own private office. 

  • Orchids, roses, sunflowers, tulips, and carnations are generally safe flowers for people with allergies
  • Refrain from sending flowers that are too fragrant, like stargazer or calla lilies, which can be irritating for some.
  • Send a small or medium-sized bouquet, so the flowers don’t get in the way and take too much space if it’s a shared desk. It also makes it easier for the recipient to take the gift home if they want to.
  • Shop for flower arrangements that come with a vase or add one to your order, so it’s ready for display.

A Note on Flower Delivery Policies

Pastel Obsession, $259

  • Avoid sending flower deliveries to an office address on weekends, unless you know for sure they’re operating on those days. 

  • Get essential information about how the building or their office handles deliveries. For example, some only ask for packages to be left in the lobby or outside, which can be a major problem if you’re sending flowers because they can wilt or get damaged outside. Knowing how this aspect works lets you make the necessary arrangements in advance.

  • If you’re sending flower delivery for a special occasion, like birthdays or anniversaries, we highly recommend placing your orders in advance to make sure it makes it. Due to high demand, it’s possible to run out of delivery slots or specific types of flowers on some days, specifically Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. If ordering flowers for same-day delivery, make sure you order before the daily cut-off.

Same-Day Flower Delivery in Los Angeles

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