The Best Tips for Sending Flowers to Friends

The Best Tips for Sending Flowers to Friends

Who says flower arrangements are only for romantic interests? The beauty of sending flowers is applicable for almost every occasion and the person you have in mind. Friends are absolutely no exception.

If you've meant to order flowers for friends but always hold back because you don't want to send the wrong message, this blog is for you. Here's a comprehensive guide covering everything — including the best flowers that symbolize friendship, specific occasions or situations that call for flower delivery, and tips on what to say when you send flowers to a friend.

Flower Meaning: Flowers for Friendship

Don't send red roses or tulips to anyone you're not romantically involved with. That's probably the ultimate unspoken rule for flower gifting. Everything else is okay.

In general, bright yellow flowers have always been associated with friendship and happiness. But pretty pastel-colored flowers are also perfect for surprising friends. You should also consider their favorite color or flowers to make it more meaningful.

Here's a list of our beautiful flowers for friends to give you ideas.

1. Sunflowers 

Sunflower Paradise, $199

Sunflowers stand for everything friendships offer. It celebrates the good times spent together with your best friends, the loyalty and support you can count on, and how they can be a beacon of hope in trying times.

2. Roses 

Yellow roses are another excellent choice when sending flowers to friends because their flower meanings are joy and friendship. Pink, peach, and other soft-hued roses are also perfect for sending to long-time female friends who you're sure will not misinterpret your gesture. You can never go wrong with roses because they are always in season and come in a wide array of colors and types. Your options are endless, from spray roses, Ecuadorian roses, and English roses.

3. Orchids 

Enchanted Orchid Garden

Enchanted Orchid Garden, $305

Send a gorgeous orchid arrangement to your friend if you want to make a statement and give a long-lasting gift. Don't limit yourself to yellow orchids; go ahead and wow your best friend with a showy Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, or Dendrobium in vibrant colors. Because arrangements feature orchid plants that they can maintain, they can last for months or even years and rebloom again. Orchids are also the perfect choice for friends with allergies or who have pets at home.

When to Send Flowers to a Friend?

Any time is a good time to send a friend flowers but these are some of the top occasions and situations when it's going to be most appreciated. 

Birthday Flowers 

Thank the universe for sending such an extraordinary human being to be your friend. Make your BBF's natal day extra-special with an unexpected flower delivery sent to their doorstep or office. Is she throwing a party? Get a stunning flower arrangement that comes in an elegant vase, so it's ready for display for everyone to admire.

Congratulations Flowers 

Did your friend get a new job, get a promotion, graduate, or move into their dream home? That calls for some chic congratulations flowers. Show them how happy you are for these accomplishments with a big bright bouquet of sunflowers, a yellow orchid plant, or a succulent arrangement.

Feel Better or Get Well Flowers 

Whether your friend is feeling under the weather or simply feeling blue, cheer them up by sending bright sunflowers or a special care package decked with blooms. Studies prove that fresh flower arrangements can improve one's emotions instantly and can also speed up a person's recovery after being sick or having surgery. You can send flower arrangements with a touch of blue, orchid plants, a miniature indoor plant, or succulent arrangements for male friends. 

Sympathy Flowers (Their Loved One Passed Away) 

Sometimes there are no words to make someone feel better. Comforting a friend during the death of a family member is definitely one of those times. Offer sympathy flowers for a grieving friend to express your heartfelt condolences and let them know that you'll be there should they need a shoulder to cry on. We recommend pure white roses, tulips, or orchids.

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