In Season: 5 Most Popular Flowers for Summer

In Season: 5 Most Popular Flowers for Summer
Summer is here and life just keeps getting better. Welcome the new season with the sweetest flower arrangements. Check out our favorite summer flowers now.


Sunshine Queen, $199

These big and bright yellow blooms are at their loveliest during hot summer months like July. An absolute sun-loving creature, the sunflowers are known for moving or tilting their flowerheads towards the direction of the sun. This specific plant behavior is called heliotropism. Sunflower bouquets are perfect for warm welcomes and well wishes.


Peony Island, $155

Peonies bloom mostly late spring to early summer.

The gorgeous peony represents many beautiful things, including romance, good luck, compassion, prosperity, and a blissful marriage. Perhaps this is why peony floral arrangements are a common gift given to couples who are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

Interestingly, red peonies are also said to represent shyness or bashfulness.

Peonies can come in a rainbow of vibrant hues, including white, pink, rose and red for the garden peonies and coral, deep purple, mahogany, and bright yellow for the tree peonies and hybrid Itoh peonies.


A Summer Love Story, $155

Thanks to hybridization, their ability to bloom multiple times and long-lasting flowers, and their relatively low-maintenance nature, the beauty of orchids can be enjoyed all year round. However, as all orchid aficionados will tell you, that specific orchid species whose general bloom time is during the summer, such as Cymbidium, Miltonia, Catasetum, and Stanhopea.
The best thing about getting an orchid arrangement, or better yet, an orchid plant, is they can last for a significantly long time compared to other cut flowers.


 Pristine Maiden, $159

Chrysanthemums or mums are a member of the daisy family, just like sunflower, dahlia, and marigold. Flowers from this flower family all have ray florets (the circle of petals) and disc florets (the brown, purple, or yellow-green in the case of the chrysanthemum center made up of tiny true flowers clumped together). Chrysanthemum varieties that bloom in July include Clara Curtis and Snow Lady.


Golden Sunshine, $135

A bonafide summer flower, dahlias love full exposure to the sun. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and has over 42 different species. These flowers are usually large in size and come in almost all color imaginable.
Since it's summer, the colors of the sun will prevail throughout the season. Expect a lot of yellow and orange. Also, crossing over are spring shades, such as pink, berry, blue, white, and green.

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