Top Flowers for Good Luck

Top Flowers for Good Luck

Fresh flowers have always been linked to great fortune and happiness in ancient China. It’s probably why you can see intricate floral patterns hand painted on ceramics and embroidered in their most delicate silk fabrics. If you love having fresh flowers delivered to your home regularly or getting them as gifts for special occasions, knowing they also bring prosperity and positivity is another reason to keep them coming into your everyday life.

What Flowers are for Good Luck?

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In feng shui, seasonal flowers represent the passing of time and the unique and positive characteristics we look forward to each season.

  • Spring - Spring blooms like orchids, cherry blossoms, and peonies stand for sweet love, abundance, and triumphs.
  • Summer - The Lotus flower symbolizes resilience, radiance, and wisdom.
  • Autumn - Chrysanthemums represent a long and happy life.
  • Winter - Peach and plum blossoms in pretty pink colors stand for endurance, courage, and perseverance, which are secrets to success.

Where to Put Fresh Flowers for Good Luck at Home According to Chinese Feng Shui?

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The goal of feng shui is to bring balance and harmony to your space to achieve the same things in various aspects of your personal life. It also believes in using flowers for good luck to boost the chi at home.

  • Put a stunning orchid plant in your study or office if you want some help manifesting a promotion or career success.
  • Have red roses or pink peonies on your bedside table to attract new love and trigger passion in your current romance. 
  • Want a bit of help growing your wealth? Fill in your vases with fresh chrysanthemums or bulb flowers, like narcissus, paperwhites, tulips, gladioli, and iris.

Gorgeous Orchids for Good Luck, Love, and Prosperity 

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Orchids’ reputation as a lucky flower is known in many Asian countries, including China and Japan. Each color comes with its own flower meaning, including:

  • Purple Orchids - The large, showy blooms of orchid plants are associated with wealth and beauty fit for royalty. 
  • White Orchids - The epitome of grace, purity, luxury, and effortless elegance, white orchids are somewhat of a status symbol.
  • Pink orchids - They represent fertility and virility. They are commonly used as elegant wedding gifts and centerpieces as if wishing couples to bear a healthy baby soon. 
  • Yellow Orchids - Sunshine-colored orchids are associated with joy, success, and creativity.
  • Green Orchids - On the other hand, green orchids, like cymbidium orchids, are said to bring good health and strengthen family relationships. 

Feng shui experts use a Bagua map to locate the best spot at home to position your orchids for good luck. For example, some recommend putting it in the Yan Nian area of the house for harmony or in the east sector that belongs to wood.

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