The Ultimate Guide to Sending the Best Birthday Flowers 

The Ultimate Guide to Sending the Best Birthday Flowers 

Birthdays only come once a year; hence celebrations and heartwarming gifts for the people you love should totally be mandatory. However, if you’re looking for no-fuss birthday gifts that are still beautiful and meaningful, fresh flower arrangements are the way to go. 

Keep reading this blog to learn everything you need to know about picking out the prettiest birthday flowers for friends, family, or yourself.

Why Send Flowers as Birthday Gifts?

Beyond their undeniable beauty, many reasons come to mind when asked why flowers make excellent gifts for birthdays and any occasion. 

Here are some fantastic reasons why birthday flowers are always a good idea. 

  • Flowers are tasteful and thoughtful. 
  • They make lovely last-minute gifts.
  • They make genuinely memorable birthday gifts.
  • Flower bouquets express love and affection.
  • They can make you feel special.
  • They make instant birthday decorations.
  •  Gifting fresh flowers is proven to bring happiness and encourage other positive emotions. 

How to Pick Birthday Flower Arrangements 

There are so many types of flowers and a wide range of striking color combinations available for making the sweetest birthday flowers. But the endless possibilities can be both exciting and overwhelming for some people. So, we’ll give you some expert tips to guide you when choosing unforgettable birthday flowers.

1. Find out what their favorite flowers are.

Show the recipient that you care about them and pay attention to sweet little details by giving them a birthday bouquet with their favorite flowers. There are many sneaky ways to find out about this. You can casually ask them at least a few weeks before their special day, see which blooms they usually buy at the florist, or get insider info from their closest friends and family.

2. See what flowers are in season.

Seasonal flowers are fabulous for birthdays because they’re guaranteed to be fresher, longer-lasting, and smell sweeter.

3. Look into birth month flowers. 

Different flowers are assigned depending on what month you were born, and each has an exciting flower meaning. For example, those born in March have daffodils as their birth flower. Giving them birthday flowers will send a message that you put a lot of thought into your gift.

4. Consider the flower meaning.

Flowers are very meaningful. While most flower meanings are generally positive, sending the wrong message to someone is still possible if you are not careful. 

For example, suppose you’re sending birthday flowers to a dear friend or colleague. In that case, we recommend staying away from iconic blooms, such as roses and tulips in red or bright pink, which are associated with love and romance. Instead, we suggest our customers stick to happy, jolly colors connected to celebration and friendship, like yellow or a mixed flower arrangement. 

5. Are they allergic to any flowers?

Does the recipient have a flower allergy? If you do not have the information available and it’s the primary concern, you can choose allergy-friendly birthday flowers using orchids.

According to experts, it’s almost impossible for anyone to have an allergic reaction to orchids because their pollen, which triggers sneezing and watery eyes, are intact and concealed inside packets. 

Our Top Picks for Birthday Flower Arrangements 

Check out our bestselling flower designs for birthdays.

Orchid Plants

Shadow Hills Orchids, $139

Orchid plants are perfect if you’re looking for birthday flowers that can last for months. They’re super low maintenance and come with orchid care instructions, making them suitable even for novice plant parents. Pink, yellow, white, and orange orchid arrangements are an excellent choice.

Birthday Roses 

The Victorian, $179

Red roses can be acceptable birthday flowers if you gift them to your significant other. But for family and friends, go for rose bouquets in pastel colors and brighter hues.

Sunflower Surprises

Sunflower Paradise, $199

Wouldn’t you love to get a big bouquet of sunflowers on your special day? These sun-loving blooms represent beauty, bliss, and everything in between -- birthdays included!

Flower Gift Boxes

Budding Romance, $355

Want to take birthday flowers to a whole new level? Wow them with a swoon-worthy gift box decked with delicate flowers and the sweetest gift items customized according to the recipient’s liking.

Beautiful Birthday Flowers for Delivery

Orchid Republic is a local floral boutique with different locations in Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, and Orange County. We specialize in gorgeous orchids and flower designs in classic and contemporary designs, perfect for memorable celebrations.

Our exquisite signature arrangements make fitting birthday flowers available for same-day flower delivery. We also have charming gift items and luxurious gift boxes that can be personalized per request for a reasonable fee.


Make your loved ones feel special with a stunning birthday bouquet featuring their favorite blooms. Shop flowers online today.

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