10 Best Selling Flowers of All Time

10 Best Selling Flowers of All Time

What are the top-selling and most popular flowers used in floral arrangements, according to experts? Get your answers here.

Gerbera Daisy

With big, bright, and beautiful flower heads, Gerbera daisies are absolutely hard to miss. A popular favorite among florists and brides, these sunflower look-alikes come in a rainbow of colors. Gerbera daisies can come in creamy white, blazing red, sunshine yellow, or pastel pink.

A native to South Africa, this type of daisy plant, otherwise known as the Gerbera jamesonii, loves a good soak of morning sun and is hardy in zones 9 to 11. Gorgeous cultivars include Lollipop Gerber daisy, Festival, and Cartwheel Chardonnay.

According to the Daily Beast, Gerbera daisies top the list of best-selling flowers of all time with at least 113,967,000 stems sold and with sales a whopping price tag of 34,388,000 U.S. dollars.


Lilies are known for lasting a significant amount of time when used as a cut flower arrangement. With innocent white buds that won’t begin to open until after a whole week, Casablanca lilies can lend you its classic beauty for a generous amount of time. This is why it’s not surprising to see lilies soar high on flower sales with 113,162,000 stems sold at wholesale at 77,382,000 U.S. dollars.

In China, people believe that daylilies represent the joy of motherhood while calla lilies symbolize true beauty.


multicolored tulips

There was a time when the hype for tulips was insane. Did you know that back in the Dutch Golden Age, a rare tulip bulb can cost you a jaw-dropping 44,000 U.S. dollars!

This led the people of Holland to sell their own houses to purchase large parcels of land to convert into tulip flower fields in the belief that it was a worthy investment that could give them good fortune. Unfortunately, much to their dismay, prices for tulips suddenly collapsed shortly. Today Holland remains to be the leading producer and exporter of a majority of all the tulips we see in the market.

Still on the bestseller list, there are 142,592,000 stems of tulips sold each year at 48,733,000 U.S. dollars. Tulips bloom a wide array of attractively unique shades, ranging from deep pinks, pinkish purples, and purplish blacks.



The iris is the birth flower of people born in February. It’s also the national flower of France and is signified in the Fleur-de-lis emblem, the symbol of the French monarchy.

The iris is said to be the favored flower of the goddess of the messenger of love in Greek mythology. It symbolizes faith, valor, and wisdom.

Blue iris are known to be one of the few true blue flowers in nature but also blooms in other colors, such as purple, mauve, burgundy, yellow, orange, and pink, depending on the variety. Bearded iris and Siberian iris are the most-planted varieties because they are pretty perennial flowering plants that make excellent cut flowers.

Commonly used in mixed floral arrangements, there are about 83,246,000 stems of iris flowers sold every year at a sales value of 83,246,000 U.S. dollars.


peach roses

A classic that never goes out of style, roses sell 83,391,000 stems at 31,362,000 U.S. dollars. Currently, 60 percent of the roses grown in America are from California. Ecuador and Zambia, on the other hand, are the leading producer of exquisite Ecuadorian roses.

Aside from being a signature bloom for lovers professing their feelings, the rose is also the official national floral emblem of the United States since 1986. Likewise, it’s also the official flower of several U.S. states – including Georgia, Iowa, and New York. It’s is also the national flower of England, Honduras, Iran, Poland, and Romania.


pink orchids

Orchid arrangements are exquisite, exotic-looking, and can shoot an arrow to your heart in a snap. These lovely blooms have more than a thousand species and even more varieties and cultivars, which offer you a dizzyingly diverse array of options.

Orchids also symbolize a lot of beautiful and pleasant things such as love and fertility (ancient Greece), strength and power (Aztecs), luxury and royalty (Victorian era), perfection and good fortune (China). When it comes to colors, orchid plants also have thought-provoking meanings.

  • Yellow Orchids –friendship and well wishes
  • Green Orchids – good health, long life, strength, longevity, and prosperity
  • Pink Orchids – love, femininity, grace, and happiness
  • Purple Orchids – wealth, royalty, and admiration
  • White Orchids – elegance, purity, and respect.
  • Orange Orchids – boldness and strength
  • Blue orchids – a unique way of saying, “You’re one of a kind.”

There are 9,463,000 orchid arrangements sold at a sales value of 7,127,000 U.S. dollars.


Lisianthus, otherwise known as eustoma or prairie gentian, are long-stemmed summer flowers with bell-shaped and flaring petals. They are usually sold in white but come in many colors, including pink, purple, and blue. Lisianthus is striking either as an ornamental flowering plant or as a star of a cut flower arrangement.

Based on the article, lisianthus stems sold at wholesale are 10,096,000 at a sales value of 3,974,000 U.S. dollars.


Alstroemeria also goes by the names Peruvian lily, Lily of the Incas, or parrot lilies. An eye-catching flower that blooms late spring to summertime, alstroemeria can come in orange, pink, rose, purple, red, yellow, white, peach.

A top choice in many flower arrangements, alstroemeria can last up to two weeks as a cut flower. This delicate bloom represents friendship and prosperity.

There are 9,856,000 stems of alstroemeria sold at a sales value of 2,189,000 U.S. dollars.


Also called dianthus, its scientific name, carnation is native to certain parts of Europe and Asia.

The birth flower of people born in the month of June, these delicately ruffled flowers symbolize love, fascination, and a mother’s undying love.

As cut flowers, carnations can last a long time. They sell like pancakes on almost any occasion but especially on Mother’s Day. There are 5,762,000 stems of carnations sold at a sales value of 1,109,000 U.S. dollars.

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