Get Well Soon Flowers for Health and Healing

Get Well Soon Flowers for Health and Healing


Do you know why fresh flower arrangements make the best get well soon gifts? It’s because studies have shown that flowers have positive effects on our emotional health. Receiving a beautiful orchid plant or a bouquet of roses or simply seeing them at home or in a lobby, for example, encourage happiness, reduces stress and anxiety, and instantly puts people in a pleasant mood. This plays a big role in our overall health and healing.  

If a loved one is in the hospital or you are personally feeling a little bit under the weather, here is a list of our favorite blooms to use in get well flower arrangements.


1. Orchids

Bolsa Chica, Baby! $259

As we always say, you will never go wrong with orchid arrangements. Orchid plants are thoughtful and tasteful gifts for all occasions, including wishing someone a speedy recovery. Aside from being undeniably gorgeous, orchids have that peaceful and calming effect that you get when you look at them. White phalaenopsis orchids or green cymbidium orchids are both excellent choices for get well soon flowers, because they represent good health.

Because orchid arrangements involve healthy orchid plants, they will last significantly longer compared to cut flower arrangements. There’s a high likelihood the recipient can bring the orchid plant home when he/she gets better and is out of the hospital and continue to take care of it at home.

2. Tulips

Perfect Tulips, $129

Tulips in vibrant colors also make ideal get well flower arrangements. When sent in lively colors like yellow, orange, purple, pink or a mix, they can deliver instant happy vibes. Plus, they have no overpowering fragrance and last a long time as well.

3. Peonies


Peony Island, $155

Peonies are pretty flowers that have a long history of being associated with health and healing, especially in China, where they were purposely cultivated for medicinal tinctures. A charming bouquet of peonies is sure to bring comfort to anyone. Apart from romance and beauty, pink peonies can also suggest compassion and in the pink of health.

4. Daisies

Citrine Garden, $225

Big, bold, and bright daisy flower arrangements are another top choice for get well soon flowers. These blooms can brighten up a gloomy hospital room or bedroom in a snap and in turn put the patient in cheerful spirits. Pick out daisies in vivid hues of pink, yellow, red, and lots of green for a pop of positivity.

Send Get Well Flowers in Los Angeles or Orange County

Would you like to send a friend or a family member a lovely pick-me-up flower arrangement? Orchid Republic can take care of it for you. We do flower deliveries in hospitals and nursing homes around Los Angeles and Orange County.

Simply call us at 818 210 0418 or drop by our floral boutique to provide the complete delivery details. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you select the prettiest get well flowers.

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