10+ Types of Easter Flowers and Their Flower Meanings

10+ Types of Easter Flowers and Their Flower Meanings

Fresh flowers are a staple for every celebration. Easter is no exception. A special Christian holiday, it recognizes the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, represents forgiveness, redemption, and the chance to start anew.

A joyous festivity for rebirth and beautiful beginnings, it perfectly coincides in springtime, between the months of March, when nature has just woken up from winter. A season that is hard to miss because of animals coming out from their sleep with new bubs in tow and the spray of colorful spring flowers blooming everywhere.

Several spring flowers have long been associated with Easter. Each comes with an inspiring flower meaning and Easter story. As is true for all occasions, they make stunning centerpieces and decors and impressive gifts to family and friends when coming over for Easter brunch.

Here are 10 of the most popular flowers for Easter Sunday.

Easter Lily

, $149

Lilium longiflorum is hailed as the Easter Lily. Pure white lilies are connected with spiritual purity, innocence, and redemption from sins.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is also called Mary’s tears. A charming cluster of tiny, white, bell-shaped blooms, legend says these were the tears shed by Eve or Virgin Mary during their moments of sorrow.


Amsterdam Tulips, $165

Synonymous with the spring season, tulips are also frequently used for Easter Sunday celebrations. White tulips symbolize asking for forgiveness. For a splash of color, purple tulips can also be used. They are said to represent faith and royalty.


Other than being world-famous because of being Van Gogh’s flower muse, irises are also linked with Christian tradition. It symbolizes the sufferings or the Passion of Christ and is often used in Lent or Easter.

Baby’s Breath

Clouds of little, white flowers are reminiscent of the sweet and pure innocence of Jesus when He was a child.


Dandelions made an appearance in some German and Flemish masterpieces of the Crucifixion of Christ. Its flower meaning is also faithfulness and well wishes.


Hyacinth Rainbow, $125

This spring flower comes in lovely pastel colors. Aside from representing the splendor of spring, it also brings the peace, calmness, joy, and playfulness of the season.

Easter Cactus

A flowering plant, the Easter cactus is a type of succulent variety that blooms in springtime. It’s a charming addition to your plant collection that can last long after Easter Sunday.


Happy Daffodils, $60

A burst of sunshine, bright, yellow daffodils are another type of spring flowers that can be used during Easter Sunday. It promises happiness and hope.


Giving the gift of fragrant and white gardenia flowers are symbolic of compassion, purity of the heart, and forgiveness.

Easter Flowers for Delivery

Spring Maiden, $179

In truth, there are no hard rules when choosing your Easter flower arrangements. If you do not fancy any of the Easter flowers mentioned above, you can go with whatever blooms you please as long as they come in the same traditional color palette of white or soft pastel. They can be roses, peonies, and orchid plants. Ask your florist to mix and match a variety of spring flowers for a more breathtaking bouquet.

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