6 Sweetest Romantic Gestures to Keep The Love Alive  

6 Sweetest Romantic Gestures to Keep The Love Alive  

Valentine's Day or not, your partner deserves a shower of love and attention, making them feel emotionally secure about your relationship and keeping the spark alive no matter how long you've been together.

If you're searching for ways to make your significant other feel extra-special, this article is perfect. We list several examples of romantic gestures, from the grandest acts of love for momentous occasions to simple but thoughtful ones for everyday romance.

1. Wake them up with beautiful flowers.

lovers kissing holding roses and balloons

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, fresh flower arrangements work like magic. So whether your baby is feeling under the weather, a little blue about something that happened at work, or just deserves all the happiness in the world, gifting a gorgeous flower bouquet can do the trick. 

The Rutgers study has shown that receiving floral arrangements can instantly improve a person's mood. They feel grateful, excited, and genuinely delighted at the sight of the beautiful blooms. Flowers, the secret to happiness? Possible. According to the researchers, "in every case, the recipients responded to the flowers with what is known as the Duchenne smile—a heartfelt 'true smile' involving the mouth, cheeks, and eyes." Interestingly, this effect is not achieved with equally thoughtful gifts like candles and fruit baskets. 


2. Spoil them with a delicious breakfast in bed.

breakfast tray with flowers

There's something feel-good about a sumptuous breakfast spread prepared just for you. It's almost as if you're guaranteed to have a fantastic day ahead. So indulge your partner with breakfast in bed fit for a king or queen. The best part about it is it doesn't take Masterchef skills to pull off. 


Luckily, there are so many super easy breakfast ideas that take minimal effort. For example, you can try the healthy overnight oats topped with freshly cut fruits, waffles and pancakes, bacon and eggs. Serve with a steaming cup of coffee or juice, and you'll nail it like a pro. To make your breakfast spread extra-sweeter, add long-stemmed roses or tulips on the side. Orchids last longer, so it's a better option if you want to be more frugal or practical.

3. Take a scenic drive once in a while. 

woman driving a car

Living in California, we're fortunate enough to be surrounded by breathtaking beaches and mountains. But sometimes, we're so busy juggling all the happenings at work and life in general that booking a weekend trip somewhere can be challenging. So if you've both been swamped with your hectic schedule, but have at least a couple of hours to spare, go on a quick drive to the nearest beauty spot in your area with your boo.

Create a road trip-worthy playlist that you'll enjoy jamming into and get lost in the moment. Drive around and stop somewhere beautiful. Grab the chance to catch the sunset and have meaningful (or silly; you do you) conversations. Enjoy the moment where it's just the two of you.

4. Prepare a candle-lit dinner at home.

candlelight dinner

What could be more romantic than a spontaneous candle-lit dinner at the end of a gruelling day? Staying in and bringing date night in the comfort of your own home is now seen in a whole new light after the restrictions and risks we experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic. There doesn't have to be a special occasion for this to happen. You can cook or order take-out from your favorite restaurant. Take this romantic gesture to the next level by ordering fresh flower arrangements from us. Order orchids for an elegant centerpiece or a heart-melting hand bouquet.

5. Send her a surprise flower delivery at work.

rose hand bouquet on the table

Mark relationship milestones or just be plain dreamy by surprising her with flowers in the middle of the day. Send it at home or in her office to score extra points as their officemates fawn over the mesmerizing flower arrangement and the swoon-worthy guy who sent it. 

6. Make their dream date come true. 

couple admiring a mountain lake

What's your partner's idea of a perfect date? Is it a weekend frolicking at flower gardens in Los Angeles, exploring the Griffith Observatory, visiting the local art galleries and museums downtown? Is it booking a five-star hotel for your anniversary or going on a hiking trip? 

Put your best effort and give your love the time of their life. Aside from sweeping them off their feet, they'll also love the fact that you are paying attention and actively listening to what they're saying. No one can say no to that.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements for Love and Romance 

romantic flower arrangement

At Orchid Republic, we're all suckers for romantic gestures and love playing a part in our customers' epic surprises for the people they love. Aside from upscale orchids and seasonal flower arrangements, we also specialize in:

We offer the best romantic arrangements for all occasions. Order flowers online and get same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for inquiries about custom flower designs or events. Our friendly florists and staff will be happy to help you. 


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