The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal 

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal 


Are you hearing wedding bells? Ready to pop the question? Congratulations! So, you've decided to take your relationship to the next level by asking your significant other's hand in marriage. Now, it's time to do all the work to make sure you only get the sweetest "yes" from your partner. 

In this article, we break down everything you need to know and prepare to pull off an epic marriage proposal for your spouse-to-be—from matters of the heart, who to pick as willing accomplices, and tips in choosing heart-melting engagement flowers.

But First, Consider These Things Before Proposing...

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  • Do They Hear Wedding Bells, Too? - Before getting carried away with your marriage proposal ideas, the most important thing to make sure is you and your partner are on the same page. It's best to talk and ask them about their plans and vision of the future and whether that includes you or even marriage. These types of conversations may seem complicated, but they will give you a hint of whether or not your timing is perfect. Having them also minimizes the risk of getting your partner caught off guard, pressured, and overwhelmed by the sudden idea of marriage.
  • Reach Out To Their Parents. - It may sound a bit old school, but you'll score extra points if you go the extra mile to get your partner's parents' blessing. Do they live out of state or overseas? No worries. Fortunately, you can now do this through various online platforms, like Skype call, Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet. Trust us. It's a sweet little gesture that won't go unnoticed. 

Marriage Proposal Essentials 

When you do your research online, you'll discover that there are countless creative engagement proposal ideas that are exciting to try. You can have a flash mob dance engagement, a string quartet to serenade you, or a jetplane spelling out the question in the air for you. The sky's the limit when you think about it. But these things are just like the cherry on top of the icecream and we'll leave that up to you.

In this section, we'll focus on the three basics of a marriage proposal plus tips on how to nail each item.

1. Engagement Ring

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Traditionally, an engagement ring formally symbolizes a marriage proposal. It is presented upon a significant other's hand to be wed and asking the much-anticipated, "Will you marry me?" Of course, it's your partner who will be wearing this ring forever, so it's highly recommended to take note of their personal style and taste when it comes to wearing jewelry. Subtly ask or do your research and find out about their ring size and dream wedding ring. There are many clever ways to do this. You can casually take her jewelry shopping, ask her best friend, or go to a reputable jeweler. You'll be surprised at how good they can be at guessing the correct ring size just by asking for your partner's height and weight.

2. Engagement Flowers

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You're My Venus, $329

Nothing beats a stunning floral hand bouquet or flower arrangement when marking special occasions, especially romantic ones. Whether you're having a chic engagement party or keeping it low-key by popping the question after a candle-lit dinner at home, make your marriage proposal more irresistible with beautiful blooms.

Here are some engagement flower ideas:

When picking out flowers for your engagement party, always think about the things your partner would love. What's their favorite type of flower? What's their favorite color? Are they obsessed with pink orchids? Do they like it best when you send them long-stemmed red roses? Are they crazy about blush pink peonies or purple tulips? Including these little details in your marriage proposal conveys that you listen intently and know your partner by heart.

3. The Venue Or The Perfect Setting 

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Where you plan to pop the question also plays a pivotal role because it sets the mood of the whole occasion. Think of your partner when deciding about the setting of your engagement idea. It should be both meaningful and beautiful for both of you. It could be where your first met or where you spent your most memorable vacation together.

If it's in a restaurant, are you sure it won't be too loud and crowded that they would be distracted to get what you're up to? If it's somewhere remote, say, if you whisk them away in a secluded vacation paradise, will you have access to everything you need to pull off the marriage proposal of your dreams?

Remember, it does not always have to be grand. While it may be tempting to go all out and splurge, your engagement is only an invitation to start a life together. You do not have to burn through your savings to execute an elaborate Instagram-worthy engagement idea. You can keep it simple and still shoot an arrow straight to her heart. You can do it in your balcony decked with a hundred roses blooming or in the living room with a dozen candles. 


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