The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year 

The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year 

Fresh flower arrangements are an excellent way to mark special occasions, and wedding anniversaries are no exception. Celebrate years of togetherness with symbolic anniversary flowers. Are you renewing your marriage vows before everyone near and dear to your hearts or surprising your significant other with a gorgeous hand bouquet flower delivery? You can make it extra special by asking your favorite florist to incorporate the official flowers for the anniversary.

It's also helpful knowing if you're looking for presents to give family and friends other than the known traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries.

1st Anniversary: Carnation 

red carnation anniversary flower

The dainty and delicate carnations perfectly represent the beauty of happiness of a budding marriage. So celebrate your sweet honeymoon stage with a stunning arrangement featuring pink or red carnations.

5th Anniversary: Daisy

daisy anniversary flower

The daisy symbolizes faithfulness, simplicity, and joy. After five years of being married, you've probably realized that it's usually the little things that matter. A flower arrangement featuring colorful daisies can express your genuine happiness despite ordinary days and hope for exciting years ahead. 

10th Anniversary: Daffodil 

Happy Daffodils, $60

A decade of marriage is definitely an achievement to be proud of. Mark it with a grand bouquet of charming daffodils, among others. The official 10th anniversary flowers symbolize new beginnings. Each stem of daffodil stands for wonderful memories and experiences you've shared and how beautiful it has made your life together as a couple. 

15th Anniversary: Red Roses 

Precious Ruby Roses, $210

Let's be honest; roses are so synonymous with love that you can give them as anniversary flowers every year, and no one's going to complain. The symbol of passion and romance, giving a rose bouquet expresses your desire to keep the love alive and the fire burning despite how long you've been together.

20th Anniversary: Aster 


Generally, asters symbolize love and wisdom. Spending 20 years of weathering through every challenge that has come your way as a couple has undoubtedly brought you immense knowledge on life and love. Pink asters would make a lovely addition to any anniversary flower arrangement. 

25th Anniversary: Iris 

The iris flower speaks of faith, hope, courage, royalty, and admiration. Celebrating almost a quarter of a century loving each other is no mean feat. It's your silver anniversary. The brightness and boldness of the iris gorgeously encapsulate the pride fit for royalty. So when you buy anniversary flowers for your wife with blue iris in them, you're basically saying she's still the queen of your heart!

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets

Golden Flowers, $229

Your golden wedding anniversary only deserves showstopping flowers Sunshine-yellow roses and breathtaking violets symbolize how two completely different souls can beautifully complement one another. But you can also be creative! Mix yellow roses with purple tulips, lisianthus, and other captivating flowers. 

Send Anniversary Flowers to Your Love! 

anniversary flowers

Ode to Love, $260

Every year you spend together is a blessing. Celebrate each relationship milestone with breathtaking anniversary flowers from us. 

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