5 Thoughtful Moments That Call for a Flower Delivery

5 Thoughtful Moments That Call for a Flower Delivery

Life’s biggest moments are best celebrated with beautiful flowers. There are flowers for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays. Nevertheless, there are ordinary days that require adorable gestures. Sometimes, these surprise flower deliveries become even more meaningful and memorable for recipients because they’re unexpected. Here are some excellent examples.

1. To Wish Someone the Best of Luck

Who says breathtaking bouquets are exclusive only for major milestones? Feel free to celebrate life’s small wins with a gorgeous flower arrangement featuring your or the recipient’s favorite blooms. Small victories could be anything that aligns with personal intentions or lead to the accomplishment of more significant goals. It could be your first day at a new job, saying yes to an opportunity you would have otherwise been scared to do, or finally getting out of the house and seeing friends when you’re struggling with your mental health. 

Whether it’s for someone you care about or yourself, receiving floral arrangements, for this reason, can instantly improve your moods and emotions and create a positive impression that will inspire you and motivate you to continue with all the good stuff you’re doing.

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2. To Boost Creativity and Productivity

Are you working from home or back in the office? If you’re feeling stuck, bored, or uninspired, one of the quickest and most effective solutions is sending yourself flowers or ornamental plants to spruce up your workspace. An eight-month study at Texas A&M University discovered that both men and women made more innovative ideas and original solutions at work when surrounded by flowers and living plants. 

Treat yourself or a friend who’s opened up to you about feeling down at work with a chic orchid plant, succulent arrangement, or indoor plant. When sending a flower delivery to the office, there are certain etiquettes to know. For example, ask them if they have their own office or share a desk with other colleagues, so you can keep that in mind when choosing the size arrangement. 

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3. To Welcome The Arrival of a Newborn Baby 

Did a close friend or family member just give birth? Fresh flower arrangements or a thoughtful floral gift basket filled with goodies is always heartwarming. You can send it to the hospital or the new parents’ home address or personally deliver the flowers if they’re already accepting visitors. Gifting flowers on this occasion can be your way of honoring the mom’s sacrifices during the delivery, congratulating the new parents, and welcoming the new baby into this exciting world.

We recommend soft, pastel-colored flower arrangements for celebrating babies. You can go with the traditional options, pink for girls and blue for boys, or go for creamy yellows for a gender-neutral flower delivery. When shopping for new baby flowers, always choose mildly scented blooms, like roses, tulips, and carnations. 

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4. Someone Is Sick or Going Home From Hospital 

Getting sick these days can dampen people’s spirits, especially with COVID-19, when you can get isolated for at least 14 days. Brighten a loved one’s day with a thoughtful get well flower arrangement of big yellow sunflowers or a colorful mix of roses.

Research suggests that flowers have therapeutic benefits in people who are recovering from surgery, noting less intake of pain medications, lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and an overall more positive recovery experience. Flower bouquets and plant arrangements are two of the best gifts you can bring when visiting people who are staying in the hospital, especially those who are undergoing long-term treatment. 

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5. To Remind Someone You Care About (or Yourself ) That They’re Special

Sometimes life can get frustrating when things don’t go your way or when you feel lackluster compared to your peers or famous people you see on social media with glamorous and lavish lifestyles (which you should not do because it’s so unhealthy). It’s easy to lose sight of yourself, how far you’ve come, and what makes you amazingly unique.

So when you or a pal is feeling a little blue, don’t hesitate to get yourself to a heartwarming flower arrangement. Put it somewhere where you’ll always see it to remind yourself you are as pretty and worthy as those flowers. Surrounding yourself with flowers can generate happiness and improve your emotional and mental well-being.

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Any time is a good time to send flowers if you ask us. Whatever the occasion or the reason, we’ve got the prettiest floral designs to express your message. Make life sweeter with a surprise flower delivery from Orchid Republic.

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