Orchid Care Tips for Summer 

Orchid Care Tips for Summer 

This season is a wonderful time not just for you but for your orchid plants, too. Check out these summer orchid care tips from our experts.

Give Your Orchids Access to Bright, Indirect Light 

Flowers and plants thrive better and bloom more when put in a spot with plenty of natural light. The same is true for orchid plants. However, it's critical to emphasize that orchids can get sunburn when exposed to intense and direct sunlight. A tell-tale sign of sunburnt orchids is flowers turning brown and wilting and yellowing leaves. Therefore, we highly recommend putting your orchid arrangements in a brightly lit room or near a north or east-facing window with sheer curtains as a shield in case it gets too hot.  

On the other hand, if your orchids are somewhere indoors that doesn't get a healthy amount of sunshine, you can invest in a high-quality artificial grow light to give your plant the ability to do photosynthesis. You'll know your orchid plant is happy where it is and getting all the nutrition it needs if it's flaunting bright, green leaves. On the contrary, extremely dark green foliage means it's getting inadequate light.

Regulate Indoor Temperature and Humidity

Most plants can get stressed under extreme temperatures, whether it's hot or cold. Make sure youth indoor temperature is conducive for your orchid plants. To boost humidity levels, here's what you can do:

  • Make it a habit to mist every morning, spraying the foliage and the space around your orchid plants with water using a spray bottle to even out ambient air temperature. 
  • You can also put your orchids in a tray filled with water and pebbles, a natural hack to increase humidity. The water will evaporate, and the aerial roots will absorb the added moisture.
  • Group your orchids with other indoor plants to create a more humid microclimate. Do not include your cacti and succulents here because they prefer lower humidity.


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Optimize Air Circulation Around Orchid Plants

In their natural habitat, orchids enjoy a refreshing breeze constantly, reducing the risk of excess moisture and preventing root rot. You can do the same for your elegant orchid arrangements by opening your windows every morning or whenever it gets too hot inside the house to stimulate airflow and natural ventilation. You can even take it to the next level by turning on an oscillating fan to move indoor air out.

How to Water Orchids in Summer 

It doesn't matter what the season is. Water your orchid arrangements only when the top soil is dry to the touch. As it's hotter and drier during summer, you may have to increase your watering frequency to prevent your orchids from dehydrating. 

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