Types of Classic Flower Arrangements

Types of Classic Flower Arrangements

What are the different types of classic flower arrangements? In this article, we'll talk about the most popular styles used in floral design for various occasions.

Fan-shaped flower arrangement

In this popular floral design, the focal flowers are placed in the center while long-stemmed foliage or filler flowers are artfully arranged in an outward manner and forms the shape of a fan. It's an excellent way to add height to any flower arrangements. 

Vertical flower arrangement

Vertical flower arrangements are simple but sophisticated in nature. Long-stemmed blooms, such as roses, tulips, and carnations, are typically used in this floral design. They can be nestled in a stylish vase or presented as a sleek flower bouquet. Vertical flower arrangements can be used as a dramatic accent piece in a spacious area like hotel lobbies or receptions.

Horizontal flower arrangement

Horizontal flower arrangements make the dreamiest tablescapes for special occasions like weddings. Florists often create a loose horizontal floral style with several combinations of flora and foliage sprawling over long tables. The low height of this flower arrangement makes it suitable for seated guests facing an audience or seated in front of each other. It allows everyone to see and socialize without anything blocking their view. 

Cascading flower arrangement

The cascading flower arrangement makes a romantic wedding bouquet and tablescape, too. As the name implies, its distinct features are flowers and foliage that beautifully trail down creating a romantic wildflower kind of effect. 


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