The Basics of Flower Arrangement for Beginners

The Basics of Flower Arrangement for Beginners

A flower in and of itself is a masterpiece of nature. The process of flower arrangement, however, is a higher and more rewarding form of art to a lot of people, flower aficionados and professional florists, for example. The instinctive pairing of different types, colors, sizes, and whatnots of flowers and foliage, while intimidating to some, can be therapeutic believe it or not.

As with all matters in life, knowing the basics is essential to kickstart your own flower arrangement adventures. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with following your gut and doing a freestyle flower arrangement, learning the fundamentals will help you refine your style and in the end maybe even give yourself a pat on the back, because for all we know, you may already be incorporating some of these styles in your arrangements without even knowing it.


Basically, there are cultures that broadly influence the art of flower arrangement:

  • Oriental – The focus is on lines
  • Traditional or Western – The focus is on the use of a variety of flowers as a whole
  • Contemporary – Leaning more towards Oriental, but greatly depends on the personal style and taste of the florist or designer.


Just like painting, sculpture, and other disciplines of fine arts, there are different principles of design in every flower arrangement. These include:

  • Design or visual pattern
  • Emphasis
  • Balance of various elements
  • Harmony
  • Scale
  • Rhythm


Some of the classic and most commonly used flower arrangements include:

  • Fan-shaped flower arrangement
  • Elliptical flower arrangement
  • Vertical flower arrangement
  • Horizontal flower arrangement
  • Triangular flower arrangement
  • Crescent flower arrangement
  • Cascading flower arrangement

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Mar 05, 2020

Thank you for telling me that I should still learn the fundamentals of flower arrangement in order to smoothen and have my style more refined in the future. My sister and I have been obsessing over the idea that we want to have our own flower shop someday, so we’re looking for ways how to learn the art on our own. Your article made us realize that if we want to learn something, we should always start with the basics before exploring the more complex ones.
Zoe Campos
Apr 22, 2019

Thanks for the interesting article for flower arrangement. You briefly went over some different principles of design that are in every flower arrangement, like harmony and scale. It sounds important to test with different flowers to see which ones hit all these principles in a way that makes the arrangement aesthetically pleasing.

Taylor Bishop

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