The Prettiest DIY Halloween Succulent Planters You’d Want to Keep

The Prettiest DIY Halloween Succulent Planters You’d Want to Keep

Succulents are for all seasons. Their beauty is evergreen and fits beautifully no matter what season. Halloween, for instance, is a great opportunity to show off your stunning succulent collection through chic and creative ways and Halloween-inspired planters you can do yourself at home or in the office.

Check these out:

Hanging Skull Planters

Fancy these sleek and stylish hanging succulent planter skulls? You’re in luck. Plastic skulls alongside with other creepy finds are going to everywhere this Halloween. Score the shelves for skulls of different styles and sizes. Drill a couple of holes for the chain holder. Ideally, you should pick a skull planter big enough to fit a small pot containing your succulent, instead of directly putting the soil and plant into it. This way, it’d be easier for you to take out the plant to get some sunshine or watering when you see signs of wilting or decay.

Dia De Los Muertos Planters 

Jazz up your usual terra cotta pots by painting them with festive and colorful sugar skull images inspired by Day of the Dead, or Mexico’s version of Halloween. This specific DIY project would look particularly cooler if done on several pots and displayed beside each other like a series of artwork.

Faux Pumpkin Planters

We’ve featured the gorgeous pumpkin succulent planter earlier this month already. The most common question and reaction we got from our readers was, “What if the pumpkin or the gourd starts going bad?” Generally, when you use real pumpkin vegetables as planters, you can only enjoy its beauty for a limited amount of time.

You can, of course, put the succulent in a plastic planter instead of putting the soil right into the pumpkin, and then just take the plastic planter out and put into a freshly carved Jack O’ when it’s time to throw the old one.

However, that’d require quite a bit of an effort and time, which frankly we can’t afford and won’t even bother to do during our busy days. And the stench?! Imagine what a nightmare it would be if you forget all about it and leave the rotting pumpkin for too long.

Luckily, we found these adorable plastic pumpkin tutorial, which are super easy and genius. Same drill with the hanging skull planters. Drill out a hole big enough to fit in and conceal your pot of succulents, and voila a pumpkin planter you can enjoy months past Halloween.


Love all these, but don’t have the luxury of time to do all these? Call or email us and let’s get you drop-dead succulent arrangement that’ll make your friends green with envy.   

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