Pretty in Pink Houseplants That Will Melt Your Heart

Pretty in Pink Houseplants That Will Melt Your Heart

Spruce up your home with drool-worthy houseplants in pink that can rival the beauty of fresh flowers. Check out these picture-perfect snaps now to see what we're talking about!

Caladium Bicolor Varieties

Caladiums are tropical perennial plants with hard-to-miss heart-shaped leaves that can come in magnificent hues, including pink. They are native to the forests of South and Central America. A few pots of this gorgeous pink houseplant can perk up any space in a snap. It’s an ideal indoor plant because it does better in partial shade than outdoors. It's also a forgiving houseplant when provided optimum living conditions and kept on a regular watering schedule.

You’ll be thrilled to know that there are several varieties of the Caladium bicolor species that come in vivid pink hues. Check out this list of Caladium plants with show-stopping pink and green leaves.

  • 'Pink Symphony'
  • 'Rose Glow'
  • 'Carolyn Worthon'
  • 'Candyland'
  • 'Pink Beauty'
  • 'Rosebud'
  • 'White Queen'

Calathea Triostar (Stromanthe Sanguinea) 

A member of the Calathea or prayer plant family, the Triostar showcases variegated leaf patterns that look like brushstrokes of deep green, white, and pink. A popular choice among plant parents, this striking pink houseplant can be a bit high maintenance and not recommended for the faint-hearted beginner. It loves bright, filtered natural light. Do not expose to direct sunlight as it might burn the foliage or lose its unique variegation.

Nerve Plants (Fittonia Albivenis)


Fittonias, aka nerve plant, are distinctly known for their feathery or vein-like leaf patterns that come in white or pink. These petite-sized pink indoor plants thrive better when placed in a bright spot with filtered light. It cannot withstand full sunlight, which can lead to browning of their lovely leaves. They can also be quite the drama queen of the plant world (next to the peace lily plant). Their leaves droop and shrivel when they are thirsty. Don't fret! When you see your pink Fittonia in this condition, it's not yet dead. It's simply telling you to give it a good and thorough watering. It can bounce back to life and beauty within minutes once the roots feel moist again.

Polka Dot or Freckle Face Plant (Hypoestes Phyllostachya)

The freckle face plant is a certified eye candy with its striking splatters of almost neon pink hues. This indoor plant is easy to grow. It loves moist soil, but not a soggy one that can pave the way to rotten roots. 

Plant Delivery in Los Angeles 

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