How To Spend Memorial Day Weekend While in Quarantine

How To Spend Memorial Day Weekend While in Quarantine

Coronavirus has forced us to celebrate holidays in a different way, and Memorial Day 2020 is no exception. It’s a federal holiday in the United States observed on the last Monday of May to honor our fallen soldiers who died while serving our country. Because it happens in the summer, Memorial Day weekends bring a lot of memories spent on the beach or celebrating with loved ones outdoors. 

But now that we’re stranded in our own homes to shelter in place from Covid-19, how can we celebrate safely without missing out on the fun? In this blog, we’ll give you some ideas on how to spend Memorial Day weekend while social distancing.  

Host a Virtual Dinner  (H2)

If you love throwing intimate dinner parties, don’t let the quarantine life and the “new normal” stop you. Inviting a bunch of people over in your home is currently considered taboo. But you can still share a meal with friends and family members virtually. Thankfully, we have Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and Google Meet to do this for free.

Woman videocalling

Whip and Sip Summer Cocktails (H2)

Another downside of the coronavirus pandemic is that we’re stuck quarantine-ing in our homes instead of having a blast on the beach or traveling somewhere Instagrammable. Rather than sulking all day, why not spend your Memorial Day weekend concocting refreshing summer cocktails. You can get all creative by inventing your own mix, or you can keep it suave and stick with the classic, say, a gin and tonic. 

Summer cocktail drink

Celebrate with Memorial Day Flowers (H2)

Fresh flower arrangements can put your home into a festive mood in no time. Take a handful of trimmings roses, poppies, zinnias, phalaenopsis orchids, chrysanthemums or whatever you have from your own cut flower garden. You can stick to the theme if you have red, white, and blue flowers. Don’t fret if you ended up with an all-white or a vibrant mixed bouquet. You can add ribbons of the same color or a tiny flag on the side as an accent. 

Memorial Day Flowers

Flowers have a therapeutic property. Spending time outside tending to the flowering plants, whether you have a full-sized backyard garden or container gardening in your balcony, will have a dramatic impact on your mood and overall emotional health. On the other hand, making your own flower arrangements at home will rouse positive feelings of creativeness and inspiration, too. Don’t worry if you do not know about any floral design style or technique. Forget about Ikebana for now. Do what makes you happy.

If you want to purchase a pack of cut flowers to arrange on your own, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can always make an exception for you, depending on the availability of our stocks.

Do you have a veteran in the family or in your circle of friends? Recognize their valiant efforts for the country by sending them a special Memorial Day flower arrangement. Orchid Republic offers guaranteed flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County. Shop our online collection of stunning orchids and floral arrangements now!








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