5 Things You Can Do at Home To Take Your Mind Off the Pandemic

5 Things You Can Do at Home To Take Your Mind Off the Pandemic


How do you ease your anxiety about the Coronavirus crisis? We've rounded up a list of relaxing activities to help clear your mind during a shelter in place.


Grab this unique opportunity to focus on your own needs. Practice self-care—whatever that means for you. Here are some ideas.

Perform any type of exercise.

No gym? No problem. Play a sport while at home. Shoot hoops with your husband or kids if you have a ring. Play ping pong if you have a table or do laps if you are lucky to have a swimming pool. 

You can also follow workout videos online. You will be amazed at the plethora of fun fitness materials you can find on YouTube or other similar sources. Commit a fraction of your time to sweat it out. The endorphin high and the benefits for your wellness and immunity will be worth it.

Love the skin you’re in.

Do that 10-step Korean skincare you’ve always wanted to try but never found the time and energy to do.  Learn how to make those natural homemade skin care recipes that give a gorgeous glow. 

Cook, bake, and eat healthily.

Do you have a knack for cooking and baking? Now’s the time to churn delicious meals for you and your loved ones if you are staying home with them.

Take control of your health by incorporating nutritious ingredients in sumptuous lunch or dinners. Feed your soul by baking mouthwatering desserts and treats. On Instagram, we have seen people confess how the solitude of cooking and baking is effective at easing their stress and anxiety.

Read books.  

Go old school and read tangible books or magazines. Reading as a therapeutic activity, medically known as bibliotherapy, is an excellent approach to soothing emotions and promoting good mental health without spending too much. If you do not have books at home, a lot of digital channels like Scribd is currently offering their subscription service for free. 

    Do whatever makes you happy.

    Start a new craft project or hobby. Take an online course. Binge watch Netflix shows. Soak in the tub for hours. Tend to your garden. Treat yourself to self-care flower arrangements, whether that is store-bought or freshly picked from your own garden or wildflowers you spotted during your solitary walks. Self-care can take a lot of forms. There are no rules. Do whatever makes you happy.


    woman doing yoga

    Meditating does not have to be complicated. Do yoga exercises if you can. It can also be as simple as sitting alone and doing slow breathing exercises in the morning or whenever you need it. 

    Follow these easy meditation steps for beginners.

    1. Find a room where you can comfortably sit or lie down quietly. 
    2. Close your eyes. Tune out your surroundings.
    3. Breathe naturally. Do not control your breathing.
    4. Focus on the sound of your breathing. If your thoughts start to wander, go back to your concentrating on your breath.
    5. Do this for two to three minutes.

    Meditation can also be done in the form of prayer or by directing their minds to the things that they are most thankful for that day.


    mother and son coloring

    If you are doing a shelter in place with a significant other or your family in the comforts of your home, consider that a beautiful blessing not everyone has at this time. Hold meaningful conversations with them.  Ask them about how they were doing at work or in school, where they’d like to go once it’s safe and when the lockdown is over. 

    Do fun activities at home with your children. Play board games. Paint, color, run around the yard, or watch their favorite shows with them all day. Take this chance to truly connect with each other better before work or other pressing matters snatch you or them away again.

    Are you stuck at home alone? Stay connected to friends and family through the Internet. Check on them every day. Share meals with them virtually. Prop your iPads or phones in front of you as you both eat dinner. 

    Go Offline

    While there are a lot of things to be thankful for because of the Internet, there are also countless of things to hate about it. Unfortunately, going online sets the risk of becoming triggered by hate, incompetency, and the devastating daily news of the rising case of COVID-19 and the various stories of sufferings worldwide. It is essential to keep yourself informed during this pandemic. However, it’s also crucial to listen to your mind and body. Limit your news or social media exposure to a minimum. Go offline when things become too much to bear. 

    Do Nothing

    No one saw this coming. No one knew it was going to be this bad. The shocking events prompted by Coronavirus is going to affect individuals differently. Do whatever you can to cope physically and emotionally in a healthy way.  If this means doing nothing, learning nothing new, cooking nothing new, not bothering with things you can do at home, that is okay. There is no shame in being unproductive in these stressful times. It is okay to take a pause to process the uncertainties that are feeding your anxieties. It may take time, and that is fine. Little by little, you may see yourself adjusting as well.

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