How to Celebrate Thanksgiving as a Couple 

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving as a Couple 

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For most Americans, Thanksgiving is the time to pack your bags, book a flight, see your folks back in your hometown, and fill yourself with hearty, homecooked meals lovingly prepared for the family. But what about if you're in a couple? Whether you're planning to celebrate with relatives or just the two of you, there are many exciting ways to own this holiday and make it memorable that'll make you closer than ever.

Here are some examples.

    Plan a romantic fall escape 

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    Are you spending Thanksgiving with your family? Recharge before or after the chaos by going on a lovely getaway with just the two of you. Thankfully, there are many options for the sweetest fall escapes in California

    • Go camping in the mountains surrounded by fall foliage.
    • Book a cabin in the woods.
    • Experience winery hopping in Napa.
    • Do apple picking in Julian.
    • Discover the beauty of Santa Ana's artist village.

    Host or attend Friendsgiving with your best pals

    Feeling festive and want some company to celebrate with? Host or attend a Friendsgiving brunch or dinner with a few of your closest buds. Don't show up empty-handed. Be a gracious guest and bring a thoughtful hostess gift. Are you bringing flowers? Skip the bouquet and opt for a potted orchid plant or flower arrangement that already comes in a vase to make it ready for display. 

    Start New Thanksgiving Traditions Together 

    Photo by Karolina Grabowska

    Do you think you're in it for the long haul? Then grab this chance to create Thanksgiving traditions you can share as a couple. Here are some examples.

    • Exchange Thanksgiving gifts.
    • Write each other a Thanksgiving card expressing what you're most thankful for about your relationship.
    • Walk around parks to spot and snap a picture of you two with vivid fall foliage as a background — perfect for your couple's holiday greeting cards.
    • Volunteer as a couple for a cause close to your heart.
    • Bake a pie for Thanksgiving.
    • Set up your Christmas decorations the following day.

    Make it special with autumn flowers 

    We associate fresh flowers with special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. So make your Thanksgiving unforgettable by sprucing your space with seasonal floral arrangements or a pumpkin floral centerpiece for your table. Aside from feeling more festive, receiving and being surrounded by flowers also improves the mood, making you happier, more content, and more grateful, according to a study.

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    Whether you are guesting or hosting, make this season unforgettable with breathtaking Thanksgiving flowers. Check out our Fantastic Fall Collection for fabulous autumn-inspired floral designs that make the sweetest hostess gifts or chic centerpieces for Thanksgiving. We offer same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Monica.

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