How to Send Hugs and Holiday Cheers to Far Away Loved Ones This Year

How to Send Hugs and Holiday Cheers to Far Away Loved Ones This Year

The challenges of 2020 have made us miss our friends and family even more. But with the safety concerns brought by the existing coronavirus pandemic, many are holding off plans to book flights or go on long-haul drives to spend Christmas with their loved ones this year. 

Luckily, there are still simple but heartwarming ways that you can do to send hugs and spread holiday cheers to loved ones who are living far away or who you simply can’t physically be with for their own safety. For instance, senior citizens, pregnant women, or those who are immunocompromised. Check out these ideas from our list!

Mail Homemade or Handmade Gifts 

Did you learn a new hobby during the peak of quarantine? Learned to knit, bake cookies, or make your own kimchi? Let loved ones feel they are special by sending them your DIY Christmas gifts. They will absolutely appreciate the thoughtful gesture, knowing it was a labour of love. Who knows? If you’re planning to turn it into a profitable little business, it’s a smart way to do a taste test and to check the waters if you have a willing target market, too.

Post Your Christmas Cards 

Thank heavens that this pandemic happened during the age of the Internet where we can keep in touch and see how our nearest and dearest are doing any time. Perhaps your everyday video calls with them on Facebook or Google Hangouts has saved your sanity this year. 

Virtual may be 2020’s theme, but for the holidays, go old school by handwriting a letter or posting your Christmas cards for them. It’s a creative practice to help you process your emotions. They’ll surely be surprised to receive something tangible that they can keep to remind them of this year. Plus, it’s a good excuse to support the USPS, too!

Send Them a Fresh Flower Delivery 

Orchids plants and flower arrangements are the hands down one of the best gifts for all occasions. These beautiful gifts have that element of surprise that creates a positive effect emotionally. Flowers are known to have lots of benefits for one’s physical and emotional health. If you know someone’s going through a rough patch, don’t wait until Christmas! Shop our online collection and get same-day flower delivery anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

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Gift a Floral Subscription 

Feeling generous? Don’t know what a loved one’s favorite flower is? Want to go all out for the holidays? You can never go wrong when you get our monthly floral subscription for Christmas. Give your loved ones the gift of flowers for months or a whole year. Cancel anytime you want. Get phalaenopsis, roses, or succulents, delivered straight to their doorstep every month.

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