What Is Friendsgiving and the Best Fall Flower Arrangements for This Holiday

What Is Friendsgiving and the Best Fall Flower Arrangements for This Holiday


Friends are like chosen family. They’re genuinely brothers and sisters from another mother. If you’re lucky, you’ll have ones who will see you through your ups and downs and step up and show up when you have no one. Then, in your adult life, you’ll realize those true and time-tested friendships are treasures for keeps. So it’s not surprising to see Friendsgiving’s popularity overnight and how many people have accepted and adopted it as something worth celebrating yearly.

Read on to learn everything you need about this new fall holiday!

What Is Friendsgiving?

Combining the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving,” Friendsgiving is a made-up holiday that involves spending a wonderful evening with your closest pals. There are no hard-set rules about it. If you’re far away from family, you can celebrate Thanksgiving Day or before or after the official holiday, whenever it’s most convenient for you and your guests.

As Real Simple puts it, there is yet to be a verified origin story of how this now-popular autumn holiday for millennials came to life. However, some things could’ve sparked the idea, including the classic TV sitcom Friends.

Our Fave Friendsgiving Traditions 

If Thanksgiving is about keeping timeless family traditions, Friendsgiving can be your chance to create new ones with particular people you’ve considered family. Here are some ideas we love:

  • Potluck - Preparing a holiday feast can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm a friend by expecting them to cook multiple dishes when they’re busy with work or kids. So, tell guests to bring something to eat or drink when they come over. 

  • Friends Gifts Giving - Christmas can get crazier, and it’s harder to schedule something when everyone has a lot going on. Friendsgiving is an excellent time to exchange gifts among your buddies.

  • Autumn Feels - Friendsgiving is a fall holiday, so if you’re hosting, everyone should feel the magic of autumn when they come into your home. Spruce up your home using elements in deep and rich autumn colors. Create an impressive Thanksgiving tablescape with a beautiful fall centerpiece.

The Prettiest Flower Arrangements for Friendsgiving

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Chic Friendsgiving Flowers for Delivery

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