How to Choose the Best Thanksgiving Flowers

How to Choose the Best Thanksgiving Flowers

Whether you are planning pull off a DIY project or order floral arrangements online, here are valuable expert tips for a tasteful Thanksgiving tablescape.

1. Choose loose flower arrangements for a dreamy, romantic vibe.

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A loose flower arrangement gives the illusion that it is made of wildflowers daintily thriving out of an elegant vase.  It is effortlessly gorgeous while still relaxed. It is a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece whether you are having a formal or an informal kind of dinner.

2. Use iconic autumn fruits or vegetables.

Nothing says Thanksgiving better than pumpkin, corn, artichokes, persimmon, and other popular fall harvests. Combine vibrant autumn flowers with these interesting elements.

3. Small table hack: use a series of mini floral arrangements

If you have an intimate Thanksgiving dinner on a small table fit for two or four perhaps, you can create a series of mini flower arrangements set on little teacups or mason jars. Mix a handful of seasonal flowers and some SoCal fall foliage, herbs, and berries you have foraged from your backyard for a rustic but authentic autumn vibe.  Put them in the center of the table in the beginning and then spread them out in between dishes later in the evening.

4.Opt for less-fragrant florals.

Skip strong-smelling flowers that can negatively affect the aroma of several sumptuous foods on the table. Lilies are notorious in this department.

5. Go for low and slim type flower arrangements.

Food and flowers, while both look pretty in photos, can be tricky. Low arrangements will make sure guests do not have to strain their necks to see or speak with another guest across them. Slim-type floral designs also allow ample space for the dishes and for movement.

6. Shop for Thanksgiving Flowers online

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Are you expecting a busy November? Flowers should be the last thing you worry about. Forget about lining up for last-minute in-store flower shopping. Get gorgeous Thanksgiving flowers online and focus on family, friends, and the festivities ahead!

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