DIY Edible Flower Arrangements for Thanksgiving

DIY Edible Flower Arrangements for Thanksgiving


Your table deserves only the best of the best this Thanksgiving. Prepare a visual feast by showcasing this season's freshest harvests and colorful blooms. We'll help you turn your floral fantasies into reality!

Get those creative juices running with these incredible but doable fall-themed edible flower arrangements.

Herbs and Citrus

The flower and citrus combo have become quite a fad among florists, because of its cool, colorful, and refreshing vibe. While a water-filled glass vase with slices of oranges and lemons look gorgeous, another way that you can incorporate them is by adding the whole fruit. That way, they last longer and they can still be eaten too. 

Rich Fall Floral Hues with Berries and Figs

Fall favorites! Berries and figs lend their deep, rich colors to your flower arrangements. What fun to nibble on them while waiting for the main course! 

Autumn Harvest and Blooms

Vegetables like artichokes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and even onions look amazing when bunched up with beautiful flowers. The key is to make sure their colors and texture complement each other. 

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