Bouquet Basics: 7 Bouquet Shapes for Every Occasion

Bouquet Basics: 7 Bouquet Shapes for Every Occasion



Let’s talk bouquets.

A type of flower arrangement, a bouquet has flowers gathered and fastened firmly. It’s usually presented as a gift or carried during the ceremony.

According to flower experts, there are at least seven different shapes of hand bouquets that are most commonly used. What we’ll show you below is similar to those featured in wedding sources for bridal bouquets. But we all know the beauty of bouquets go way beyond weddings.  

1. Round 

A perfectly dome-shaped type bouquet, typically using only a single type of flower. Roses and peonies are the go-to flowers for round bouquets.

2. Nosegay 

Nosegay, similar to posy, is round and compact, but uses more foliage. They are commonly used as bridesmaid bouquets in weddings.

3. Posy 

A small, round bouquet using mostly flowers only with stems wrapped in a ribbon.

4. Hand-tied 

Exuding a rustic, Bohemian feel, hand-tied bouquets are tied loosely and gives the illusion that it used freshly picked wildflowers.

5. Cascade 

A cascade bouquet imitates the hanging or spilling motion of a waterfall for a dramatic effect. Orchids are an excellent choice for cascade bouquets.

6. Pageant

A variation of the cascade bouquet but more compact and pulled together.


Flower-covered balls with ribbon handles that make them look like colorful hanging globes. For decorations, they’re often dropping from shepherd hooks. In weddings, they fit little hands of flower girls.


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