Cornucopia Thanksgiving Flowers

Cornucopia Thanksgiving Flowers

It’s one of the most eye-catching and intriguing decorative centerpieces for Thanksgiving. But what’s its meaning, and where does it originally come from? In this article, we talk about everything you need to know about beautiful cornucopia flowers. 

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Cornucopia History and Meaning 

The origins of cornucopia can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. According to Merriam-Webster, Latin, the words “cornu” and “copia,” means the “horn of plenty.” It’s an iconic symbol representing blessings and abundance and is spotted on gods like Hercules, Demeter, and Fortuna. But the most famous Greek myth explaining the connection between the horn and affluence was inspired by Amalthea, Zeus’ goat nursemaid, as an infant. According to the story, he broke one of her horns for a constant food supply. It was adopted by different cultures and civilizations worldwide as a symbol of prosperity and wealth and became a staple in harvest festivals.  

How to Style a Cornucopia for Thanksgiving 

Representing a bountiful harvest, cornucopia baskets should traditionally be filled and overflowing with seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as miniature pumpkins and gourds, corn, berries, apples, grapes, artichokes, flowering kale, sunflowers, and other fall-blooming fresh flowers. To create an illusion that you’ve got a lot of stuff inside your cornucopia centerpiece, you can line it with a folded burlap cloth or colored autumn leaves. Suppose you’re feeling a little bold and modern. In that case, you can also use your horn-shaped cornucopia basket as a vessel for fresh flower arrangements, which can definitely make a chic conversation starter. 

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