Do Black Roses Exist?

Do Black Roses Exist?

Are there really black roses and what do they represent? Let’s clear it up once and for all. Defined as the absence of color, black is traditionally linked to dark and negative meanings, such as death, fear, and evil. But in modern times, especially when it comes to fashion and style, black outfits are classified as formal, powerful, and sophisticated.

Black Rose Flower Meaning

In the language of flowers, black roses or black flowers, in general, represent sadness, farewell, and grief. Because of their elegant but eery kind of beauty, they are used by florists in Halloween floral arrangements or as wedding flowers or hand bouquet for brides with an eclectic taste for gothic weddings.

No True Black Roses

As we speak, a naturally black rose is yet to be discovered. There are a number of rose varieties labeled as black, but in reality, they have a more intense deep, dark purple, maroon, or burgundy hue when you inspect them closely under bright light. These include:

  • Black Magic Rose - is a hybrid tea rose bred from the climbing rose ‘Guinee” and introduced into the floral trade in 1997 by Rosen Tantau, a successful rose breeding company from Germany.  At first, the Black Magic rose will produce black buds but once it opens up and blooms fully, the petals turn into a gorgeous rouge.
  • Black Bacarra Rose - The Black Bacarra rose is probably the most legit of all with its velvety burgundy with a tinge of black petals, which are usually darker in colder regions. This tea rose hybrid also boasts of semi-glossy moss green foliage covering its long stems, which adds elegance when it’s used in cut floral arrangements.  It was bred by Meilland Richardier of France.

Other notable examples of black roses are Black Ice, Black Beauty, Black Jade, and Black Cherry.  In photo: Goth and Gorgeous, $165

Are There Real Black Flowers?

Finding true blue flowers is as difficult as finding true black flowers in nature. Similar to our revelation with black roses, existing floral varieties advertised in the market today as black are actually super burgundy or purple after a closer look.

Great examples of these almost black flowers are:

  • Black Hollyhock
  • Chocolate Cosmos
  • Black Pansy
  • Hellebore Black Flower
  • Black Petunia
  • Black Dahlia
  • Black Bat Orchid (Tacca chantrieri)
  • Queen of the Night Tulip
  • Calla Lily "Black Star"

Despite the fact that these blooms are not true black flowers, there is no denying the obvious that they are just as striking. 

Black Roses Are Actually White Roses Dyed

Mother Nature may not be able to give you the elusive black rose you’ve always wanted, but surprise, your favorite florist actually can!  This is the same process to create the stunning blue Phalaenopsis orchid or blue roses we commonly see being sold in most floral shops. The dying procedure involves either dipping or spraying floral paint or pigment onto plain white roses. Many say that doing so is easy and uncomplicated craft project even for beginners. An absolute must-try for Halloween! 

Gorgeous Roses for Flower Delivery in Los Angeles

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I want original black rose kindly send me the quotation for the same.

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There is a real Black Rose growing in Halfati, Şanlıurfa city in Turkey.

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