How to Make a Chic Fall Flower Arrangement

How to Make a Chic Fall Flower Arrangement

The fall/autumn season kick starts some of the biggest celebrations of the year. First, there’s Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, and before we know it, it’s Christmas time and the New Year already.

Steal expert tips and tricks on how to create the chicest floral decorations for fall. Check out these effortless ways to help you turn your place from drab to fab no matter the occasion.

Experiment with your color palette

Just because it’s autumn, it doesn’t mean your colors should be limited to the season’s staple hues like orange and brown. Go ahead and take your fall color game to a whole new level with these tips:

  • Mix orange to more exciting shades, such as blue, green, red, purple.
  • Dabble with metallic like copper, gold, or rose gold.
  • Try deep jewel and wine tones for a dramatic effect.
  • Play with the contrast of dark, mysterious hues and romantic nudes.
  • Chartreuse and citrus.

In photo: Sweeter Than Wine Blooms

Ideas for Fantastic Flower, Foliage, and Fruit Combo

For a luxe and lovely fall centerpiece, mixing and matching different design elements is essential. Don’t be afraid to channel your inner florist and follow your instinct, as it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

But to warm you up, here’s a little cheat sheet for themes and pairings you can start with.

1. Autumn-inspired wildflowers and berries

Combine any two or three of flowers of your choice – roses, dahlias, orchids, peonies, chrysanthemums, amaranth, orchids, pincushion protea, tulips in various shades of red, orange, purple. Add a variety of fall foliage and berry branches for depth and texture.

2. Pumpkins, artichokes, and roses

If you can’t bear to part with traditions and the pumpkin means that much to you, jazz it up inspiring bursts of green artichokes on the side. Peach roses on top of your Jack-O make a sweet monochromatic number while white ones are perfect for a classy take.

3. Persimmon, pear, anemones, and poppies.

A refreshing fruit and flower combination. Fluff up this fruity fall flower arrangement using assorted dried or fresh magnolia leaves, pampas grass, smoke blush foliage, or jasmine vine.

In photo: The Harvest Queen

4. Apples, white candles, and eucalyptus.

Red or green, it’s your call. Spread out stylishly, this tablescape nails it.

Add texture, twists, and your signature style

Going high or low? DIY queen, Martha Stewart, recommends lush and low fall centerpieces that encourage dinner conversations among guests. This especially makes sense for intimate gatherings with friends and family at home.

Throwing colorful candles, candelabras, antlers, oversized branches, gilded pumpkins, wild wheat, coffee beans, and berries into the mix will make elegant and interesting conversation pieces.

Head over to your favorite florist’s Instagram profile or Pinterest to research for more pegs and inspirations.

Lastly, own your creation. Are you into plaids or paisley? Introduce something into your design that will reveal a little piece of you. How about using table napkins in those pretty prints?


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