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Self-Care 101: Why You Should Make Buying Flowers for Yourself a Habit

FLOWERS Flowers For All Seasons

Today, let’s talk about self-care and the connection, why you need to do it as much as you can, and why you're doing your emotional health a huge favor by getting yourself fresh flower arrangements.

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Outstanding Benefits of Having Orchid Flowers At Home

FLOWERS Orchid Obsession

Discover the amazing benefits of having orchid plants and flowers for your mind, body, and soul

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Plant Care: A Summer Survival Guide for Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Plant Care

Learn what you need to do to keep your beloved houseplants in tip-top shape this season. Check out these summer survival tips for indoor plants.

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Orchid Care: Is It OK to Put Orchids Outside in the Summer?

Orchid Care Orchid Obsession

Orchid flowers when given an abundance of bright light -- that's a fact. Does it make sense to take your orchids outdoors in the summer because of that? Get the full details in this in-depth orchid care article.

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The Prettiest Pride Month Celebrations Around The World

  The LGBTQ+ community is celebrating World Pride in many countries all over the globe for the whole month of June. Beyond the beautiful and colorful rainbow ensemble made of fresh flower arrangements, balloons, ribbons, and garlands, these worldwide parades and parties is a big deal for members of the community as they simultaneously fight for discouragement and discrimination and at the same time celebrate love, acceptance, and freedom to express themselves. Despite the marginalization encountered by gay people, the future looks promising as the movement sees festive parades outnumbering demonstration rallies this year. Check out our list of the...

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