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Get Well Soon Flowers: A Guide to Choosing Blooms for Health and Healing

FLOWERS Flowers For All Seasons Special Gift Ideas

Do you know why fresh flower arrangements make the best get well soon gifts? It’s because studies have shown that flowers have positive effects on our emotional health. Receiving a beautiful orchid plant or a bouquet of roses or simply seeing them at home or in a lobby, for example, encourage happiness, reduces stress and anxiety, and instantly puts people in a pleasant mood. This plays a big role in our overall health and healing.   If a loved one is in the hospital or you are personally feeling a little bit under the weather, here is a list of our...

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15+ Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home and Garden

Dainty DIY Spruce Up Your Space

Make Marie Kondo proud with these practical spring cleaning tips.

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5 Must-See Botanical Gardens in Orange County

Flowers For All Seasons Orange County What's Up Los Angeles

These stunning flower gardens in OC deserve a spot in your weekend plans.

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2 Dogs Get Near-Death Experience from a Common Succulent Plant

Find out what this dangerous succulent is and how to protect your dogs and cats while still enjoying a bit of nature at home.

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The Prettiest Types of Purple Flowers and Their Meaning

Flower Facts FLOWERS Flowers For All Seasons

 Learn more about the different types of purple flowers and their flower meaning, so you'll know what to get for your next flower arrangement.

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