How to Take Care of Orchid Plants During Fall Season

How to Take Care of Orchid Plants During Fall Season

The autumn season is a crucial time for your orchid plants. During this period, daytime becomes shorter and your orchids’ growth becomes sluggish as they transition into dormancy or resting stage.

Check out these easy orchid care tips.

  • Avoid repotting your orchid plant. Experts say springtime is the best to do this task.
  • If you’ve been growing your orchids outdoors during summer, the fall season is an ideal time to take them inside. The slight drop in temperature might help trigger reblooming.
  • Inspect the orchid plant and pot first for any signs of pests and accumulated salts and algae. Be sure to scrub clean before bringing it indoors. 
  • As always, your orchids will appreciate bright, indirect light. This can be a south-facing windowsill or any spot in your home that gets plenty of natural light.
  • While it’s still hot in September, observe how fast the potting mix dries up in the coming weeks and months as the days get cooler. Reduce your watering sessions accordingly.
  • Similar with water, space out feeding time with longer intervals. Some orchid growers recommend using a bloom-boosting, low-nitrogen fertilizer on Phalaenopsis and Dendrobiums to encourage a prolific production of longlasting flowers.




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