6 Reasons Why Orchids Make Perfect Gifts for All Occasions

6 Reasons Why Orchids Make Perfect Gifts for All Occasions

Here's why your family, friends, colleagues, and clients won’t mind getting stunning orchid arrangements for their birthdays or even on Christmas.

About Orchids

Orchid plants are a class of their own. They thrive in lush tropical environments and are largely indigenous throughout Asia, from the Himalayas to the Philippines, Japan, Northern Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and all over the Pacific islands.

However, there are certain orchid species and hybrids that are also native to the United States, particularly in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, California where they're grown abundantly and sustainably and where most florists source their orchids locally.

Orchids utter grace and sheer beauty alone make them unique and thoughtful presents (not to mention genius last-minute ones, too). They're a perfect fit for almost any occasion or situation – birthdays, house parties, promotions, holidays, your mother-in-law’s retirement party, a friend gave birth, or a peace offering perhaps, you name it.

Here are other compelling reasons why you orchid plants are should be your go-to gift for the next special occasion on your list. 

1. Orchids are low-maintenance.

                                                     Brea Orchids

Orchids are fairly easy to take care of, even for the notoriously green-thumb challenged person you know. Simply water in the morning or when the potting material is dry to the touch. Put near a south-facing window to catch morning sunshine. Keep away from heat sources, such as stove, heater, or other heat-radiating appliances. 

2. Orchids are allergen-free.

Have a friend who loves flowers but is allergic to them? Send him/her a gorgeous arrangement or a pot of orchids to drool over for his/her birthday. Orchids don’t have loose pollen grains that trigger allergies and asthma attacks, making them super safe.

3. Orchids are long-lasting.

Orchids are known to bloom twice a year. Their flowers can last for as long as four months, depending on the variety, making them truly memorable gifts.

4. No one can say NO to orchids.

With numerous kinds, different heights, sizes, and colors to choose from, surely there’s an orchid to suit one’s personality or taste. They're classy and tasteful gifts that even men or high-profile clients will be unable to resist. 

5. Orchids can adapt anywhere.

Orchids, depending on the kind, can live well indoor or outdoor. Regardless if your friend has a sprawling garden or is living in a skyscraper condo, go ahead and give him/her the most stunning orchids you can find.











6. Orchids symbolize good and pleasant things.

In ancient times and in many cultures and traditions, such as the Victorian Era and in China, orchids represent fertility, affluence, affection, and healing.

Discover the excitingly diverse world of orchids and learn everything you need to know about them and where to find them with our Ultimate Orchid Guide.


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