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Learn More About Orchids

Discover the excitingly diverse world of orchids and learn everything you need to know about them and where to find them!

The Ultimate Orchid Guide

Start off with our Ultimate Orchid Guide. It’s packed with valuable information about different orchid subfamilies, orchid species, orchid types and classifications depending on growing conditions – plus tips on where to see exquisite orchids in Los Angeles!

Our Favorite Orchids

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular orchid species/orchid genera. Find out about their origin, their natural habitat, their blooming season, and the difference between orchid species vs. orchid hybrids, and what makes each of them unique.

What Is Your Birth Orchid?

Are you a Vanda, Cymbidium, or a Phalaenopsis? Discover your birth orchid depending on which month you were born and learn more about all the beautiful orchid flower meanings, too.
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The Lovely Lycaste Orchids

Lycaste orchid plants from the New World Tropics are another orchid genus worth discovering and exploring. Let’s learn more about the lovely Lycaste orchids.
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Masdevallia Orchids, The Mesmerizing Orchid Genus of South America

Masdevallia orchids are sympodial in growth. The blooming season is mostly spring to summer, depending on the specific orchid species.
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Spathoglottis, The Garden Orchids

  Have you always wanted a lush tropical garden filled with beautiful orchid plants in full bloom? Spathoglottis orchids might just be what you are looking for. Read on to...

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Orchid Care: How to Grow Vanda Orchids

Can vanda orchids be cultivated as indoor orchids plant? Discover what it takes to grow vanda orchids beautifully and healthily in this informative orchid care guide.
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Dendrochilum, The Dainty Orchids from the Philippines

Discover more about this evergreen orchid plant that came all the way from the tropical islands of the Philippines.
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How To Care For Your Orchids

From simple frequently asked questions on how to maintain your orchids, to clever strategies on how to make them last longer or bloom once more, our Orchid Care page has got it all covered.

Check out these informative orchid care articles now.



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