Spathoglottis, The Garden Orchids

Spathoglottis, The Garden Orchids



Have you always wanted a lush tropical garden filled with beautiful orchid plants in full bloom? Spathoglottis orchids might just be what you are looking for. Read on to learn more.

Spathoglottis Orchids Fast Facts

Botanical Name: Spathoglotis (Spath-o-GLOT-tis)
Abbreviation in horticulture: Spa.
Etymology of the orchid genus name: From the Greek words “spathe” and “glotta,” which means flower tongue because of the shape of its labellum
Family: Orchidaceae
Tribe:  Collabieae
Subtribe: Collabiinae
Number of recognized species: 49 recognized orchid species and 1 natural hybrid
Type species: Spathoglottis plicata Blume 1825
Origin/Distribution: Southern China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Hawaii, and Florida
Growing classification: Sympodial orchids
Blooming season: Spring and summer season, depending on species
Flower color: White, pink, purple, or yellow
Skill level: Recommended for beginner and intermediate level orchid growers

The Garden Orchids

The Spathoglottis orchid genus was first established by Dutch-German botanist, Carl Blume, in 1825. According to the American Orchid Society, the etymology of the genus name was derived from the Greek words “ spathe” and “glotta,” which means flower tongue because of the shape of its labellum. Proven to thrive in tropical and subtropical environments, Spathoglottis orchids are frequently spotted in  Southern China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Hawaii, Florida, and Australia. They cannot survive frost and bitter winter season.

Commonly known as ground orchids or garden orchids, Spathaglottis orchids are a popular flowering plant choice for outdoor landscaping. These hardworking bloomers have large, showy, and cluster-borne flowers that come in different tints of white, yellow, pink, and purple. They also have lush leaves that resemble palms. Most orchid hybrids of Spathoglottis are designed to flower prolifically.

Spathoglottis Orchid Species

Based on the AOS website, the World Checklist of Monocotyledons accepts 49 species and 1 natural hybrid in the Spathoglottis genus. The type species is Spathoglottis plicata Blume 1825.

Here is a list of orchid species from the Spathoglottis orchid genus include:

Spathoglottis affinis de Vriese
Spathoglottis albida Kraenzl.
Spathoglottis alpina R.S.Rogers
Spathoglottis altigena Schltr.
Spathoglottis aurea Lindl.
Spathoglottis bulbosa Schltr.
Spathoglottis carolinensis Schltr.
Spathoglottis chrysantha Ames
Spathoglottis chrysodorus T.Green
Spathoglottis confusa J.J.Sm.
Spathoglottis doctorsii J.J.Sm.
Spathoglottis eburnea Gagnep.
Spathoglottis elmeri Ames
Spathoglottis elobulata J.J.Sm.
Spathoglottis erectiflora Kraenzl.
Spathoglottis gracilis Rolfe ex Hook.f.
Spathoglottis grandifolia Schltr.
Spathoglottis hardingiana C.S.P.Parish & Rchb.f.
Spathoglottis ixioides (D.Don) Lindl.
Spathoglottis kenejiae Schltr.
Spathoglottis kimballiana Hook.f.
Spathoglottis latifolia (Gaudich.) Garay & Ormerod
Spathoglottis microchilina Kraenzl.
Spathoglottis micronesiaca Schltr.
Spathoglottis oreophila Ridl.
Spathoglottis pacifica Rchb.f.
Spathoglottis palawanensis Lubag-Arquiza
Spathoglottis papuana F.M.Bailey
Spathoglottis × parsonii Ames & Quisumb.
Spathoglottis parviflora Kraenzl.
Spathoglottis paulinae F.Muell.
Spathoglottis petri Rchb.f.
Spathoglottis philippinensis Lubag-Arquiza
Spathoglottis plicata Blume
Spathoglottis portus-finschii Kraenzl.
Spathoglottis pubescens Lindl.
Spathoglottis pulchra Schltr.
Spathoglottis pacifica Rchb.f.
Spathoglottis smithii Kores
Spathoglottis stenophylla Ridl.
Spathoglottis sulawesiensis T.Green
Spathoglottis tomentosa Lindl.
Spathoglottis tricallosa J.J.Sm.
Spathoglottis umbraticola Garay
Spathoglottis unguiculata ([[Labill.) Rchb.f.
Spathoglottis vanoverberghii Ames
Spathoglottis vanvuurenii J.J.Sm.
Spathoglottis velutina Schltr.
Spathoglottis wariana Schltr.

Orchid Care and Culture

Check out these orchid care tips on how to be successful in growing your own Spathoglottis orchids in your garden.

How much light does Spathoglottis orchid need?

As tropical orchids, Spathoglottis will do best when placed in outdoor areas that receive full sun. However, they can also tolerate lightly shaded spots that are still mostly bright and get morning sun. Remember, that adequate light is the secret ingredient in a flowering orchid plant.

Here’s how to water your Spathoglottis orchid…

Maintaining moisture and generous watering is essential during the growing season of this type of orchid plant. Water whenever the potting material is dry to the touch, which can be more frequent during dry summer months. As is the case for phalaenopsis and other terrestrial orchid plants, Spathoglottis orchids are also susceptible to root rot and fungal issues when they are overwatered.

How to pot Spathoglottis orchids

Ortho’s Orchid Guide cautions against planting Spathoglottis orchids in deep pots when outdoor gardening and recommends half-gallon and gallon containers made of plastic or terra cotta with great drainage. When it comes to potting material, it is best to stick with rich organic loam with some portion of peat moss, perlite, and bark.

Do Spathoglottis orchids need fertilizer?

Yes. As showy bloomers, Spathoglottis orchid plants require constant fertilization. The AOS advises giving a balanced fertilizer at half a strength during the growing cycle once a week and once every 2 weeks in the cooler months.

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