Do Orchids Have Pollen: Why It’s Almost Impossible To Have An Orchid Allergy

Do Orchids Have Pollen: Why It’s Almost Impossible To Have An Orchid Allergy

Pollen is the biggest culprit behind allergies. It’s also the biggest reason why many allergy sufferers dread flowers, as pollen is an essential component of their reproduction process, thus the term “pollination.”

    Pollen Allergy: Causes and Symptoms

    For sensitive people, exposure to airborne pollen triggers a cascade of seasonal allergy symptoms, sometimes called hay fever, such as a runny nose, sneezing, and itching.

    Some of the most common causes of pollen allergy include:

    • Flowers (sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums)
    • Herbs (chamomile)
    • Trees (birch, oak, cedar, cypress, hickory, juniper)
    • Grasses (bermuda, perennial rye, saltgrass, sweet vernal)
    • Weeds (ragweed, sagebrush, Russian thistle)

    Do Orchids Have Pollen?

    Orchids have pollen.

    Despite having pollen, orchids are regarded as one of the most allergy-friendly flowers that exist. This is because orchid pollen is sticky and stays within the flower waiting for a pollinator, say, a bee, to take it away. It doesn’t float in the air like most pollen from other flowers that can be seriously irritating for allergy sufferers.

    Can You Have Orchid Allergy?

    Orchids are heaven-sent for people with allergies.

    When it comes to pollen it’s almost impossible for orchids to cause a sniffle. Because their pollen is intact and concealed inside pollen packets, allergy sufferers can safely sniff orchids and put it near their noses without worrying about symptoms kicking in.

    Orchid Sensitivities

    Although extremely rare and pose very little risks, orchid allergy from other factors is possible.

    • Orchid Sap – A person, most likely an orchid grower pruning and cutting his or her orchid plant, could potentially experience an allergic reaction to orchid sap. The medical term for this is contact dermatitis. Affecting the topmost surface of the skin, it usually appears as a small patch of itchy, reddish rash.

      It’s nearly impossible for this to occur when you get orchid plants and orchid arrangements from florists, as they’ve usually been prepped and arranged already. But if you grow your own orchids, this can be easily avoided by wearing gloves whenever pruning or watering your orchid plants.

      If you accidentally come in contact and an allergic reaction appears, don’t panic, as this type of allergy isn’t infectious nor contagious and almost always clears up on its own in a matter of days. If the rash remains persistent for long, see your doctor immediately. Strong perfumes, harsh soaps, and jewelry can make it worse.
    • Orchid Fragrance – There are some people who are extremely sensitive to scents. Steer clear from cattleya and cymbidiums. Ask your florist about fragrance-free orchid arrangements, which commonly use dendrobiums and phals variety. 

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