LOOK: Inspiring “Junk Garden” Made Of Recyclable Materials

LOOK: Inspiring “Junk Garden” Made Of Recyclable Materials
Photo: Organized Clutter

This picturesque garden takes recycling and flower arrangement to a whole new level. It's a fab fusion of vibrant flowers and repurposed stuff other people would have thrown away. 

Flower Arrangements In Upcycled Containers

Think flower arrangements in rusty milk cans, assorted coffee pots, old wheel barrows, or an ancient-looking typewriter.

But for blogger Carlene Blair of Organized Clutter, this is what makes her flower garden unique in its own way.

Photo: Organized Clutter

Blair’s “junk garden” is also teeming with a wide collection of ferns and succulents.

There are also Black Eyed Susan, Gold Dust Mercardonia, fuchsia supertunias, Margueritte begonias, daisies, coleus, creeping Jenny, Asiatic lilies, nicotiana, Crazytunia Sparky, baby’s breath and a whole lot more in interesting planters and containers.

Found just outside her charming home, the picturesque garden is filled with all sorts of colorful plants, annuals, and perennials. There are shade-loving plants, such as Solomon’s Seal and impatiens, sitting pretty under her bay window.

Not Your Idea Of A Junk Garden

Photo: Organized Clutter

Blair, who shares all her DIY projects on junk gardening, upcycling and recycling, and crafting on her blog, was inspired by Mary Randolph Carter's book, Garden Junk.

"I loved the look of junk with beautiful flowers,” the passionate gardener shared.

"As the seasons and years passed, I found better and more unusual junk, and I started making signs and repurposing old junk into planters! It's a great hobby combining my love of flower gardening with junking. I try to outdo myself every year,” she told CountryLiving.com.

A pocket paradise for flower aficionados and vintage fanatics,  it features all sorts of flea market finds creatively repurposed and styled.

Check out more photos of this amazing garden.

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